24 hour VIR Road Racing Event

My team and I are planning a trip up to Virginia International Raceway for a 24 hour enduro on the 11th and 12th of August. Citrus is closed that weekend our team would like to extend an invitation to the right individual to join us. One of our guys can not make it due to medical reasons and leaving us one driver short of a full team.( Chris Harvey is scared) The event is in Alton, VA…roughly a 12 hour drive from the Citrus County area. This event will have 125+ cars and close to 1000 total drivers…the largest and one of the longest races in the United States this year. The track is 4.1 miles and features 28 turns and several inclines/declines. Here is a layout of the course…

This place makes Watkins Glen, Infineon and any other road course in the US look like the parking lot at Walmart.

The plan is to leave out of Florida around 10 PM Thursday night…putting us at the track by noon on Friday the 10th. We would have the entire afternoon to get setup, tech inspection, gear checks, etc and have time for a good nights rest. The race starts at 10 am Saturday morning and ends at 10 am Sunday morning…24 hours. There is no breaks in bewteen and all drivers rotate 2 hour shifts for the entire 24 hours. We have a 1996 Honda Civic that is super reliable and extremely safe.I think it would make all 24 hours with some sensible driving. Here is the costs per driver, for 4, 5 and 6 drivers.

4 drivers 800 each = 6 hours of seat time ( 3, 2 hour stints
5 drivers 600 each = almost 5 hours each (2, 2 hour stints and roughly an hour)
6 drivers 550 each = 4 hours of seat time ( 2, 2 hour stints

Those costs include your entry and all race related expenses. We typically split the costs of hotels and we ride up in one vehicle. You would be required to purchase an annual license for $50.00 and are required to sign a waiver that if you crash and burn your family can not sue us:). This is awesome opportunity to race at the largest race in the United States this year ( in terms of car count) and at one of the most prestigious tracks in the world. All drivers are expected to assist with live pit stops ( changing tires, fueling, brakes, etc. )and help turn wrenches if needed.Danny Schlenker, Rick Maguire, Chris Harvey, Tim Scalise and others have raced with us and have either built, or are building their own cars now. We require a $200 deposit to hold your seat and the balance ( based on drivers) before we leave out.If you have raced everything and want try something totally new, shoot us an email and we will get back to you.

The price is right.

What type of car do you have? How are the brakes? What type of cars are in the class? The price is right. That’s for sure.

We just picked up our #4 driver, so at this point the cost is $600 bucks for the #5 seat.

Chump Car is a mix of cars…you will see VW bugs, station wagons, older GT Mustangs, Hondas…just about everything. I have two cars ( see picture) a 1996 Honda Civic that is an open topped car and a VW Golf GTI. We are bringing the Honda to VIR. It weighs 2100 lbs with a 245 lb driver full of fuel and puts out around 145 HP. I run slotted, dimpled Brembo rotors with HAWK pads and stainless steel brake lines…its stops pretty good :slight_smile: We run a Falken RT 615k tire that is 200 treadwear and super sticky. Car also has adjustable racing coil overs. We have a website…its rentchumpcars.com. Lots of good information about the series, pictures of the cars and what to expect.

Man that’s looks like FUN!!!

I ask my wife and she remind I would be at Texas World Speedway with Rusty on that weekend for a Legends Event. Are you doing it next year??? Do you do WPBIR, or Homestead, Daytona in their Endurance Races??? Sure reminds of my IMSA days.
Call me 813-817-7223

We have filled all but one of our remaining seats…one seat left!

I’m interested. Pls call me Sunday after 12:00pm.

Eddie Moran

You guys will have a blast as VIR is a super track!
If you have time take in the Oak Tree Tavern (race track club house)
and the Kart track.


Our roster has been filled. Looking forward to racing with you again Eddie. Small world! Its crazy how many guys from the circle track world are creeping over to the road racing side. I seen the cart track on the side and if I have time I surely want to check that out. The track also has a resort with rooms on site ( they are booked) and next year I will be staying there at the track. Looks like a first class facility!

Still have one seat left, $600. Looking for a team player!