Great Racing at LVS and 50 cent baked beans !!!

Well my northern journey is over. Started with show at Olglethorpe,Ga then Fayetville,NC then Lebanon Valley, and back to Oglethorpe. Super great shows at all three dirt tracks. Lebanon Valley in NY which was one of my old home tracks hasn’t changed a bit since my last visit 15 years ago. Baked Beans still at 50 cents a cup, quick service, great food. Best french fries at $2.00 for a large order, Hot Dogs at $1.25, Meatball & sausage subs at $3.50 & $4.00. Pizza at $12.00 for a large, enough for four people. Many other items at low prices. They still use the unique $1.00 system for payment. The Empire State Sprints rolled in with 30 cars for 22 spots. Big Block modifieds on hand for a fantastic show. Two other divisions. Over 100 cars in the pits, thousands of fans in the stands and yup, only $12.00 for admission. Howie Commander still at his best for racers and fans. Best show I have seen in years.

They still use the unique $1.00 system for payment.

Can you elaborate on that, explain how that works please? Thanks

I think he’s referring to the same system I saw at Utica-Rome. The concession stands ONLY accept singles for payment… it really speeds up the lines. There is a separate booth strictly to exchange larger bills down into singles.

Everyone knows how fast a $20 is spent once it’s broken, and Howie is no fool.

He also has an on-site “club house”, where the fans and drivers gather for food and drinks (full bar). Not by coincidence, this is also where the payouts are handed out. He gets a good chunk of money handed right back to him…!!!

Frasson nailed that one. Exactly right. I still am spending those one dollar bills. lol. Just a side note. My sister-in-law and her husband along with their children attended the race as well. First time for all of them. Quote from the sis, “With concession prices like these we will be back. We enjoyed the races and the food. It was cheaper than a night at the movies.” They all were astonished at the whole operation. We didn’t get a chance for the clubhouse as we had an hour plus drive to get home but I hope to in the future. By the way, the complete show started at 6:40 and was over about 10:50. Seventeen race program.

Hate to be a pain with the posting, but forgot to say this was a great night for me as a fan. Eddie Marshall in the #98 Big Block drove to victory in their main event. Many,many years ago I used to watch his Hall of Fame Dad. Ernie Marshall, drive many great races in the brown & white #77 modified… Eddie’s victory brought back many great memories for me. Love to see how the tradition from generation to generation keeps on plugging along.

Actually, a THIRD generation racer does very well there… Frank Hoard III. I know already has at least one win in the Small Block class this year.

Question about Lebanon Valley for you Mr. Denman. What were the other two classes? Had those classes “not changed at all over the last 15 years”, or were the cars more modern? Were the hobby level classes still made up of old Monte Carlos?

Thanks for your review. Its great to hear about some places that are doing well.

First to Mr. Frasson. Thats truly amazing, third generation. Also was neat to hear and see the names, Tremont,Hearn,Corellis,Soltis, & Jelley, although I am not sure whether Soltis is same or a Jr. as well as the aforementioned Marshall.So many memories when I went there with my Dad many years ago. Might be a neat topic for Karnacians to name father-son-third genertaion racers. Now to Mr Boneman. I am not the best authority on the mechanical side or car type but I’ll try. The Pro-Stock division reminded me of Floridas Pro Lates in apprearance. Just a shot in the dark but maybe compare with the asphalt Can-Am’s which were at NSS a season or two ago. Great looking class although down on power. They are allowed to use any American/Canadian passenger car from 1968 to present. 2005-2010 models by ARP/5 Star (whoever that is) cars must appear stock. They had 21 of these on hand for a special 23 lap memorial. Now Pure Stock did have some Monte Carlos. They are stock cars with aftermarket bodies. Part #PBOXX7012 - 7008. There rules come from the Dirt Rule Book. They had 47 of these on hand and the Camaro’s seemed to be in control. They had no heats but three features for this group. Hope I explained well enough without looking like a complete idiot. Once again I’m the guy who sits in the stand with the baked beans and sausage grinder (sub). lol

Man, I miss “The Valley”. Best food in motorsports, period. That sausage grinder is to die for. Racing is pretty damn good too. Never seen a dirt track like it. It’s like a dirt Bristol. High Banked dirt 5/8 mile. Mods and Outlaws put on one hell of a show every time. Beer by the can at a reasonable price. If you want it, they will sell you a whole case!

Of all the tracks I’ve been to in NY, Leb Valley isn’t one of them. BUT, it’s one of those tracks that’s had such a great reputation, and outstanding shows, that the place is almost sacred with fans. That place has been rocking for a good 50’years or better. They do right by the racers and fans alike.

Good review Denman. Glad to hear firsthand that The Valley is still jamming.

LV has to be one of my favorite tracks. A little hard to pass on but real fast and they do inverts for their lineups. At least they use to. As others have said, the food is great and reasonably priced. The dollar bill system seems to be used at most of the NY tracks. I don’t particularly like it but I understand why they do it. They don’t have to worry about their cashiers having a lot of change on hand or running out of change. It does mean another line to stand in if you don’t have the change. That can take time.
They use to have a “pure stock” type of division that ran only for trophies. I’m wondering if that’s what you saw. They use to be a huge class and ran features only also, I believe. I didn’t think they ran aftermarket bodies but that may be a more recent trend. I’ve noticed a lot of tracks are allowing aftermarket bodies now. If anyone has never been to “The Valley” they should try to go if they’re in the area. Utica-Rome is another track to catch if you can. LV is the high banked 1/2 half mile and Utica-Rome is a flatter 1/2 mile with wider turns that runs on Sundays.

Hey Winger that’s exactly what I saw as a support division. The Pure Stocks only ran for trophies and they had three features which I didn’t quite understand the reason. Maybe the high car count in this division. Also the third feature for these guys was the last race on the schedule with the other two features being the first two of the evening. The final race was one of the best races of the night as the driver who started last ended the night by winning with a last lap pass at the checkers. He was the current point leader as well in this class. They also have the Sportsman plus one more division which didn’t participate the evening I was there. One of the greatest things about the evening was my brother in law. I have known the man thirty plus years and have never seen any expression from him at all. From the first race on I have never seen any one person clap and eventually cheer as much as he did. I think he even clapped for the program sellers as they walked by. It was a joy to see racing make others so happy. Yes, The Valley is a great place to be.

Howies Pure Stock Division has ALWAYS had big fields of cars.Rules have pretty much stayed the same for years.Still runnning Camaros and Monte Carlos and they race for TROPHIES.Howie is a very smart business-man and his food midway is second to none.It’s too bad you didn’t travel up the road aways from LV and check out Howies latest endevour.He took over Albany Saratoga Speedway in Malta,N.Y. after the owners of the place pretty much ran everybody off with some very bad decisions.Now,place is packed,pits are packed all happening in less than a year.It’s not uncommon to see 60+ cars in one of the tracks highest divisions.

Talked to quite a few fans at the Valley and they also highly recommended Albany Saratoga. Unfortunately we ran out of time and started to head home. I will def put this track on my list for my next journey up that way. Last time I went to Albany-Saratoga was years ago when most referred to the track as Malta, that’s when Flemke and the gang ran the pavement. Would really love to see the dirt as you have mentioned. Thanks for the info.