Plans for Florida United Pro-Truck practice & Race this weekend !

Plan for Friday and Saturday practice and race !

After seeing the planned path and checking with weather guys, we feel that the storm will be off the east coast Sat a.m. and we should be able to get the event in. The practice Friday night stands a good chance as well, but we will announce if any change on that. Advertising is beginning today through Saturday by the track so we will do all we can to get this one in. Weather permitting there will be an autograph session before our race. JIm & Lauri Cowhey Jr. are giving away bikes to the boys and girls as well as a 32" Flat Screen TV to the fans. Please plan to have hero cards etc, for that. I will be communicating with all on any changes. Remember pit gate opens at noon Saturday, tires and tech at 12:30. Thanks

Join us be there !!!

Be there !!!

Its at Auburndale Speedway. Doesn’t mention the site of the race in the above posts. Be there! They put on one hell of a show at Citrus a while back!!!

Yes thanks Scott.

It is Auburndale Speedway and the last few races have been tremendous !

My pleasure Rick! You have put together one hell of a series with big fields and great competition. My hats off to you. Any promoter that didn’t have you this year would be a fool not to book you for next year. Keep up the great work!:slight_smile: