Matt Kenseth

Matt Kenseth announced today that he’ll be leaving RFR at the end of the season. He declined to tell where he’s going. Not many good seats out there. Speculation is JGR, RCR, Stewar Hass if Newman leaves, Finch #51, or one I haven’t heard mentioned yet. Dodge is getting back into racing. Maybe they bought themselves a driver. Ricky Stenhouse will take over the #17. billy

Good deal for Stenhouse. Remember we used to see him at the East Bay King of the 360’s shows.

Surprising move by Kenseth though. Current points leader leaves his team…???

Home Depot money goes a long way…no real sponsor package at RFR.

Roush has 3 top-tier drivers to pay, and not enough sponsors to pay them. I’d bet this is mostly about finances. Stenhouse probably gets paid 5, maybe 10 percent of what Kenseth gets. They’re paying Stenhouse anyhow so it’s a huge net gain in the budget. Might as well start developing Stenhouse at the Cup level.
I’ve got to think every single team with a seat will be taking a hard look at Kenseth. He’s a solid driver with some good years left in him.

Opportunity ?

Will this also be a chance for Sunshine alumni Mike Kelly to get a shot at crew chiefing at the CUP level . Seeings how he has guided Stenhouse to several wins and a Nationwide championship and has been his crew chief for awhile .
Good luck Mike. :sport009:

This could be good for all involved. Matt’s already got a ride, he’s not stupid enough to leave Roush without one. Ricky’s gonna get, probably the 6, in the cup, and Treavor will get the 6 in the Nationwide, along with a part time ride with the Wood Brothers 21. I personally don’t think RFR pays as well as some of the other teams, but may be demanding to much sponsor money to be paid, hence, the open spaces on some of the cars. billy

This is a valid point as RFR has had a lot of sponsor turmoil for a long time aside from 3M. They seem to have more sponsor issues than the other major teams, and seem to have a lot of sponsors that don’t stick around all that long.

Luke 81, that’s my opinion exactly. He used to be able to keep his sponsors, but in the past few years, he’s really had a problem. To me a half loaf of bread is better than no bread at all. And remember, two halves make a whole. billy

One you didn’t name.

Andretti Racing is going to NASCAR in 2013.
Dodge needs a Team?
Matt would bring at under his belt.
Just a thought.
Let the musical chairs begin.

just a thought - Kenseth was sponsored by DeWalt for many years. Petty now has that sponsorship, do you think any chance Matt might end up with the King and either Marcos or Almirola out of a ride? Also a Ford connection.

Part of this deal, is that Ford already issued a formal “goodbye” to Kenseth. THEY already know that he won’t wind up on a Ford team.

Thanks for the info. I hadn’t seen that part about Ford. Now I’m back to wondering where Matt will end up.

I noticed that too, was surprised they offered that up so soon. I guess though he wasn’t going to make a peep without something solid in the books, so why not.

Gibbs makes the most sense, give him the Home Depot cash cow/keep them happy and have Logano pull in another sponsor if they can, otherwise - bye bye sliced bread.

Heard a rumor about Stewart Haas - but cant see Tony hiring him - they are on opposite ends of the personality spectrum.

Opposite ends of the personality spectrum, maybe, but if you notice they always draft together at the super speedways. So there is a lot of trust and respect between these two drivers.

Also their careers have somewhat mirrored one another. 1999 rookie of the year - Stewart, 2000 - Kenseth. 2002 champion - Stewart, 2003 - Kenseth. 2005 champion - Stewart, 2006 - Johnson, but Kenseth was 2nd. 2011 Stewart, 2012 - ?

I’m sure Matt will be fast where ever he lands next year, but landing at SHR would not be a big stretch.

I read on either Jayski or that Matt has said that he is going to a “new” team. Also that Micheal Andretti has bought out Penski’s engine company. Also that Petty will be a Dodge team next year. It could all fit!

What about???

PMS??? Roger going to Ford. Matt is a Ford man. They could just be waiting
for the FAN’s to relax??? Just a thought???

laugh all you want to

but if kurt busch got a ride with a team like hendrick - car like 5-time and crew cheif like chad knous look out =============