Orlando racing facing uncertain future

Just read on another website that longtime Orlando Dragway promoter/operator Carl Weisinger plans on retiring at the end of the year with no known plans of anyone taking over the operation of Orlando Dragway. With OSW running a limited schedule and no drag racing, things don’t sound too good for racing fans in the future.

I noticed they are no longer running Wednesdays at the drag strip too. I haven’t been there in years and was wondering about their car counts.

orlando speedway

I have heard the oval and drag strip and the property around those areas have be sold to Walmart and will be closing at the end of the year. The mud track and moto cross are not part of the deal. Has anyone else heard this?

The property was not sold to walmart. It was sold to a redneck property developer by the name of Bubba Cando. He plans to build the largest trailer park in the world. It will have a recreation center with an above ground pool, mud wrestling pit, and a beer drinking tiki hut built out of all the torn up ez-up parts left behind the oval track.


so this mean the place stays the same

Why is it always Walmart? They have not used the land at Lakeland yet and I guess they sold hialeah to Lowes.What next?

Supposedly Wal-Mart has a contract on the property where the now defunct Joe’s Truck parts sits (Just west of the track before SR 419). Told it was already recorded in the Orange County Property Appraisers office.

an above ground pool, mud wrestling pit, and a beer drinking tiki hut

Hey! That tiki hut thing sounds like a hell of a good idea!