Fayetville,NC - Night #2 Surprises

Fayeteville 1/2 mile dirt track was second track on our trip. Drove to early just to look around, ran into some of the locals who told us to be there between 5:30 and 6:00 to get a decent parking spot. Gates open at 5 racing at 7. We listened and arrived at 5:45. Paid our twenty dollar admission price and entered the gates. Quite impressed as we walked and were handed a ticket for a free box of popcorn and an up to date speedway paper at no charge. Up the steps we went to the seating area. The track announcer was greeting the fans as they walked in which I thought was a nice approach. Neat part about this track is that the concessions are on a level above the seats so no action missed. We grabbed a bite to eat, concessions just normal food fare except they were the fastest operating concessions I have ever seen. Fans were steadily coming into the track. Now came the downer for those who don’t care for time trials. Track started on time with the trials and they continued for each division until about 9:45. On top of this you couldn’t hear the announcer and no scoreboard times. This was the night of the Carolina Clash Super Late Models, which is why we chose to go here. By 7:45 the place was jammed with fans and they were still pouring in at nine o’clock. Standing room only at the top rail. We saw one main event for the super streets, then it was the Carolina Clash for 40 laps and$4,000 to win… What a race. Perhaps the best dirt late model race I have ever seen. Battle between Miller #8 and Autry #1. Autry got under the 8 for the lead on the backstretch on lap 33, hooked to the right, was broad sided by #8 and went into a series of barrel rolls. Stopped counting at 4 as he was barrell rolling down the hill on the backstretch by this. Well Scott was okay although the car was damaged. #8 led the remaining 7 laps for the victory. Great race, high speeds, plenty of action for the Clash. We then left at 11:45 with 5 more divisions yet to run. Much travel the next day. Now what pisses me off is that I brag about this Clash to evryone I know, pick up the results a week later only to find out the #8 Dustin Mitchell DQ’d bcause of tire issues and the win went to #1 Ricky Weeks. Does DQ’s sound familiar fans. Well all in all it was a great night. Wish we could have seen more,

Another great race report Denman… keep em coming…!

Cool to hear the “Rutherfordton Rocket” got a win. He’s a hell of a racer with a ton of wins. Ricky doesn’t do much traveling, but I’d like to see him here during Speedweeks. I think he’d have something for the pro’s.

Also, my buddy AB195 made it to 2 new tracks last weekend too. I need to talk him into track reports from Carolina Speedway and Bowman Gray Stadium.

That is what we do when we go to Bowman Gray. We hit Carolina Speedway on Friday then BGS on Saturday. Carolina Speedway is the most fun track I have ever been to. It packs out with fans. Alcohol is not sold there but if you can carry a cooler thru the gets doesn’t matter how many people it takes to carry it you are allowed to bring it in. There were 2 guys that got in an argument on the track, while they were yelling at each other the track started playing “Why can’t we be friend’s” over the loud speakers. There tech is in the infield so everyone can see what is going on. There was a protest in the Pure Stock class. The 3rd place guy protested 1st and 2nd bumper to bumper. When the 2nd place car was found illegal they then played “Your cheatin heart” over the loud speakers. Finnaly at the end of the night the announcer makes everyone join him in the final verse of David Allan Coes “you never called me by my name” The place is like a party with 2000 people. As far as the racing goes they had twin street stock races that the combined margin of victory was maybe 3 feet. The modified and late model features both had slide jobs coming out of 4 for the win. One worked ( Modified) one didn’t ( Late model ). All in all an awesome place to go.