385 c.i. Street Rod Special

4.040" bore x 3.750" stroke, seasoned 2 bolt block, caustic acid dipped, alignbore torqued and checked for size and trueness, drilled and tapped oil galleys, honed on a CV-616 with a torque plate, used 820 stones for optimum ring seal, blocked decked to 9.000" (-.008" deck), head bolt holes tapped and chamfered, block clearanced for double roller timing chain, Clevite 77 cam bearings installed, brass freeze plugs, complete rotating assembley externally balanced, honed lifter bores, 9.91-1 compression with 64cc heads, 9.20-1 with 76cc heads, balancer degreed to exact TDC, New Eagle cast crankshaft, New Eagle 5.7 SIR rods with capscrews, SP-H859C .110" dished pistons, Plasma Moly bfile fit rings, Clevite 77 “H” rod & main bearings,M55HV oil pump, new ARP 134-7910 oil pump shaft, new timing cover and oil pan, Fel-Pro rear main seal, New FRA-104 Flexplate, New DA-400 Balancer, New ARP 200-2902 flexplate bolts. $2600.00 Firm. I will suggest, purchase, and install and degree, a custom ground Bullet Cam and timing chain, to fit your application, for an additional $350.00. Contact Mike @ 813-299-1203

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