Interesting Spin to Start & Finish a Race !!!

I had seen this a few years back, but Ogelthorpe brought it back on our last Friday night of track visiting. The fast time qualifier spun the wheel of fortune wheel and ended with a 6 which meant starting field was inverted by 6. Okay, nothing new so far, but here is the twist. The Late Model 30 Lap feature was stopped at 15 laps and the Wheel was brought back out onto track. Then current leader Corey Fletcher spun the wheel again, which inverted the cars for the final 15 laps. He spun an 8 which gave 8th place runner Jim Rogers the pole for the remaining 15 laps and sending Fletcher back to 8th. Great feature eventually saw #41 Mark Davis win. The whole wheel procedure took only 5 minutes and crews were allowed to check tires. What’s your thoughts? PS: the barbeque is outstanding at this clean 1/2 mile dirt track. Neat place.

That’s interesting. There has to be some incentive to be leading at the half way point though or you’d be crazy to be leading it then. Things like this have to be tried to make racing interesting again.