I just heard on the news that Citrus had a bad wreck in their School bus figure 8 race tonight. Ayone there?

Is everyone okay? I hope so

Ch 10 said it was a fatality.

School Bus

My wife just told me just now, and fatal crash too, she say driver kill in it, I got to belive it and see it, I have to watch the news first and see the inform is. Sorry to hear.

My father was racing this evening at Citrus and its sad to say that the man did not make it. Very tragic and sad. Lets keep the family and folks up at Citrus in our prayers.

Man I am sorry to herar that its true. I was hoping they got it wrong. Our prayers go out to his family and all the competiters that were racing with him as well as the staff of the track.

Driver killed in school bus race at Citrus County Speedway

Another fatality in 2012. Two racers lost, and a near miss, all in the last few months. The odd thing is that none of the accidents occurred in traditional, high speed race cars. Could it be a reflection that real racecars are safer than ever, and that other parts of our sport need more attention?

I’m very sorry and sad for all who are touched by this.

Im sorry to hear this!

I can hear it now people are going to go on about how bad racing is and how dangerous it is. But when they do they dont think about how many people die on the high way every day! Yes racin is dangerous but everyone is going the same way, the cars are a hell of lot safer, and everyone knows what they are doing. On the high way people are going both directions, the cars arent as safe, and people are distracted with the radio, nake up, phone, ect. Thats what I wanna tell the people that are going to talk bad about racing!

Sad Tragic News Our Prayers Or With Is Family

Old Ole Days

I have seen it and you all have seen it, back in the old days, around 50s - 60s in the open cars, I seen videos of drivers and cars that flip or crash, drivers fall out, or fly out of cars and near missed or escaped by running over by fast cars flying by them. That kind of scaring to me those days if that was me then. I`ll surived today when I have my 5 points seat belts safely feature in my car today.

I’ve seen the videos also, actually saw some racing similar to that in the day. A lot of those early racers died also. You can have your safety equipment but you need it all. You and the tracks have to make a decision to require roll cages in all the racing vehicles, racing seats, 5 point harnesses, fuel cells with bladders, safety nets that actually work, shut off switches that are located in a standard position in all cars, age limits for drivers or at least a physical maturity standard for them, properly trained safety personnel and the proper equipment for them to use, etc., etc… The tracks need to do their jobs to make sure the racers and fans are safe. My heart bleeds for this family. I wish them the best. This was a terrible accident. I’m not placing any blame for this accident on any one or any track. Those of you that accept it because it’s a dangerous sport or choose to remain silent are to blame; if blame must be given. I hope something can be done so we aren’t talking about another tragedy again, in a few months. Seriously, a lot of you have blinders on but you should have seen this coming and you should be aware there will be more of it if something isn’t done with the atrocious minimal safety standards the state of Florida allows. It’s amazing to me there haven’t been more fatalities and it’s pure luck there haven’t been. It won’t be long before we’re talking about it again and it could be the fans who are the next victims. I’ve said my piece and I’ll say no more.


Very sad news, are prayers are with his family/

Another part of it will now be how the track’s insurance company will start to look at things. Insurance is probably the biggest expense a track owner has and incidents like this and the one at Auburndale can have far-reaching consequences…
Prayers are with the Whitehead family…

Ask yourself’s this question - if you owned an insurance company, would you insure ANY racetrack in Florida considering how lame the safety requirements are inspected. The tracks are NEGLIGIANT for not enforcing safety rules. Any stupid lawyer can prove this in court.

Sign all the waivers you want. Negligence will override the waivers.

i have been racing a long time and know something

about race cars and safety next why jump on here and blame any one do you know what happened ; don’t think that race cars are not inspected ; also if you own a race car why don’t start with your own car is it safe is ever thing in it up to par , i know my nephew dennis abney at age of 21 had been racing eight years and he was one of the best figure eight drivers around he was running in a line of cars single file i think he was third i know rusty crews and couple more was in a group with him and he was going to front and a new driver from st pete 3 laps down hit dennis he died instanly at lakeland speed way , his car was built by a professional it was a first class car the inside of car around seat - and sterring wheel and floor pan never crumble up and him and seat never moved === i don’t guess the car took enough of shock . it broke his neck the blood ran down his back and seat was full of blood - they did not have them then if he had a hans device on he would be alive today ---- how many of you all are still using old seat belts that are not mounted right or good seat make sure before you drive out on the track your car is safe don’t wait for some one to tell you heh your seat belts are to old

BECAUSE - there are people out there that have shit for racecars and they not only make racing dangerous for themselves but everyone around them. How many times have we seen an overturned car with fuel running out on the track ? Get in a crash with one of those idiots with sub-par fuel cells and you might get burned because of his lack of safety. Tracks should be checking this stuff because we all know they are out there. That’s my point.

Sometimes we need to learn from others misfortunes and take the steps necessary to make sure it doesnt happen to someone else.

Drivers and mechanics, take nothing for granted. I bought a car this year, and when I inspected the ball check valve on the fuel cell, I found that the ball was missing. If that car got upside down it would have rapidly leaked fuel 6" behind my helmet.

Winger, more government is not the solution to our problem. The fewer state regulations the better. We have to police it ourselves with guidance/enforcement from the insurance companies.

I have to ask this question -

Why did the bus roof collapse at Citrus ? Buses are designed to withstand rollovers. They are inherently safe vehicles by design.

First off

Okay, first off let’s have the family in our prayers. Second,the track rules tell you what you have to have in your racing vehicle.:question: It should start from the bottom, YOU!.. Don’t blame the track or the owner. Blame YOURSELF…This is a tragedy that happened again and only YOU can stop it. The racers!!
My prayers and blessing to the family, RIP
Joanne and Paul Lucas