NecksGen Head Restraint System

I recently have become a dealer for NecksGen, which is a HANS type device but it is further advanced and is compatable with anyone that is 100-300 lbs…and you also do not need a full containment seat to be comfortable in the car. It is also great for the younger racers that plan on staying in the sport for the simple fact that you wont waste $800 on other units only to out grow them. The difference between the NecksGen and the HANS is about the same as the difference bewteen a HANS and a Hutchinson’s Device. The unit can be shared by multiple drivers (Our Chump Car team shares one ) I spoke with John Chance and Rick Bristol this past week and they will be using trying out a few of my demo units at their next events. I would like to extend the opportunity for other drivers to demo the unit and provide me with some feedback. I am also offering a $50 rebate to KARNAC members. That is $549 for the best Head Restraint System on the market today. Below is the link to my website for more information and to view all the features and specs. If you are interested in using one of my demo units shoot me a PM.