Race Prepped 350 4-bolt Blocks

I have the following blocks for sale. All are fully race prepped, and ready to go. They have been caustic acid dipped, cylinder walls have been ultrasonic tested to assure at least .145" wall thickness after machining, main caps torqued and alignbore measured for size and trueness, all have been bored and finished hone with a BHJ torque plate to assure a true cylinder, honed on a CV-616 with 820 stones for optimum ring seal with Plasma Moly rings, Block deck milled square to 9.000" deck height, with all head bolt holes tapped and chamfered. These are ready for final clean and assembley. $600.00 each. I have:
3) .030" blocks

  1. .040" block
  2. .060" blocks

IF you had a good block… you would spend this much getting this machine work done alone !! Call Mike @ 813-299-1203 with any questions. Thanks !!

What #'s are on the 3 center caps?

Which one are you inquiring about?

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The .030 ones.

3412 on some and 2482 on some

All pm’s answered. Still have some left.

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Still have a couple left.

u still have the 40 over block?

No, but I can make one of the .030" blocks .040" over if your serious. Call me with any questions. Mike 813-299-1203