Spent a large part of the day there yesterday. Alot is going on ; The backstretch wall being painted …Grounds behind the backstretch being graded for parking…Fence being installed along backstretch…Stands being installed on front stretch…Grounds being mowed ,weedeated…stairs installed on small area where pit stands once were…As far as I know the race is on for the 4th…ready or not

What has happened to their Facebook site?


Doug you and you’re race team did a awesome job yesterday mowing and cleaning the place up, you are correct there is a lot going on at the track. But come hell or highwater there is going to be some racing at the track I grew up at watching my HEROES. DD38 I don’t no what’s going on with his facebook nor do I care, but I do no MODS WILL RACE this wed night ,so drag yus car out by a set of slicks and come get yu some, from what i heard there will be plenty to get.YOU can run your crane ign box, ricky brooks will not be the teck man, and nobody will call you rabbit , so me thinks you are about out excuses just sayin. for those of you that were concerned about bleachers I SAW THEM BEING INSTALLED YESTERDAY, BUT if I was coming to spectate, I would bring my chairs, E ZZZ up, and head to turn 3,4 nice big area of concrete to set up on… Well I HOPE to see frass, osf, boner, and a lot of karnacians come to support the show.

Me and AB195 plan on being there very early… possibly even Tuesday night. Looking forward to this.

Did I hear mention of a drive-in section? That would be perfect for us.

According to the flyer posted on FaceBook, Jerry, call the track for the drive-up parking:


150 Feet of Grandstand up fifteen rows high. Check out the picture on . Say what you want, but one thing Bob Yoho ain’t is lazy! :ernaehrung004:

I was going to take two sections of scaffolding, with 2 by 8’s and 3/4 in. plywood, if they’ll allow it.


Frass give me a call 813 267 3710 , we will come up with a plan.


Thank you for your many many hours operating equipment and trying to get the place ready. My entire race team donated there time to help clean it up and get ready to race…no excuses. You can sit and bitch or you can get off your a#% and make a differance. There is absolutely no doubt that yoho will have several challenges on wed. I have a feeling the place will be slammed with people and race cars. But as someone posted I dont think yoho is lazy…overwhelmed yes…should he hold off as long as it takes to be completely prepaired…IMO…yes. He looked me in he eyes and said if he has to work until the gates open …ITS ON… So as long as i have cars to take the green with…ITS ON…

Dang it.

I’m on duty Wednesday but if there is something going on up there Tuesday night give me a call and we’ll hook it up, Jerry/Rog/Tony/whoever…let me know.

Matt… working on a plan as we speak. Tony has us a reserved drive-in spot, and working out a plan with Rog tonight. Also should be an OSF sighting out there too.

[QUOTE=Frasson118;108112]Matt… working on a plan as we speak. Tony has us a reserved drive-in spot, and working out a plan with Rog tonight. Also should be an OSF sighting out there too.[/QUOTE]Just saw on faceBook for you guys planning on parking on the backstretch:

$25.00 to park your vehicle, $12.00 per person.

Like I said, it was on FaceBook; I’d call the track to confirm.

Tonys got me a spot back there, and just finished fitting the pieces of decking for the top of his van. But sorry Matt… not coming down there until Wed morning/noon-ish.

For anyone coming, stop by the white van with a roof deck for a beer or 12.


i can’t wait!!!



OJ me thinks you should do like all the other firemen I no do, R DAY, VACATION DAY, DON’T FEEL GOOD DAY,WORK FOR ME BRO DAY I’LL WORK FOR YOU, YU get it by now.WE will be there tomorrow night camping, hanging out, and doing what ever needs to be done to make it happen.

Yaall come down to the pits after the race. im cooking and it for everyone till i run out.
You can find me at the 118 opps the18 truck. its the one with a big fish on the back…

Double Dang It!..

I would if I could, Tony, but the sad truth is that Wednesday will be my first shift back to work agter three in a row off…I chaperoned a group of our church youth to Mobile for a week of FUGE camp.

Hey…I didn’t say I was a ROLE model for the kids…I was like the “last resort, no one else can/will go, can/will you?” type of chaperone…lol

So while I hate to miss the re-opening of one of my favorite tracks, (even if the name is dumb) and a chance to see my Uncle Don and his little, red, racing truck…I guess I’ll be holding down my recliner at the ol’ fire station wednesday night.

Triple dang it.

We thought about bringing the grill and all the goodies, but figured standing next to a fire, while it’s 100 degrees as it is. As much as I LOVE a trackside cookout, I’ll pass this week.

But, very nice gesture by Don for taking on a job that many appreciate, but few acknowledge. I’ll thank you in advance, and hope to stop by, if for no other reason than to give you a hard time. Cool of you to step up for what I feel is a pretty historic event.

… loops… Missed a piece of a sentence, but you should still get the point.

Missed a piece of a sentence, but you should still get the point.

Let me help out Jerry. Here is what you meant to say.

but figured standing next to a fire, while it’s 100 degrees, and eating lots high calorie, high cholesterol foods like burgers and sausage, runs counter to the instructions we receive from our First Lady Michelle Obama, who would prefer that we have more sensible portions of high fiber foods such as watermelon, as it is.