Maxxis EL's in North Florida

Lot’s of Maxxis EL’s for sale. I have at least 4 sets of EL’s for sale and need them gone. We buy all our tires new and run them one or two races and sell them. These are all great tires, most still have the nubs showing from new.

Set #1 - 2011 date codes, 80 laps $70
Set #2 - 2011 date codes, 40 laps $90
Set #3 - 2011 date code outsides, 2012 date code insides, 60 laps $80
Set #4 - 2012 date codes, 60 laps $80 (Just won on these tires last weekend)

I will take $300 for all of them if you pick them up. That’s like getting 4 sets of tires for less than what 2 new sets cost.
All sets treated with Southern Comfort.
These are all very nice tires in great condition. I would like to sell these local but, if shipped ad $15/set. I do take paypal.


Check your email address in case you have a typo.

I’ll need it for later in the season or whatever, will save it.


Thanks for catching that, I fat fingered it!! LOL I corrected it. It is Are you Scott K. SKMODS???

not scott

Nope, a newbie nobody knows yet, and just bought a cart to race Adale, haven’t even picked it up yet. It has yellow vegas do you have wheels for an 08 Prowler box for a set of those maxxis later in the season, or if I pick up another cart for my kid? I am assuming the open tire rule means I can run the vegas till they go. I am in it for the fun I melted my tires at the last spectator race in a Z28 and want something fun and affordable and less likely to mess up my dream car.

Were you at the adale opener? If you were you saw me and may have talked to me, an old fart asking a lot of questions. Learned a lot.

OK. I know someone with the initials SK and he races modifieds, lol. I do not have any extra wheels. These are excellent tires and someone could stock their trailer for less than it would cost to buy 2 new sets. Heck, these tires are like new!! All 16 tires (4 complete sets) for $300. Might even have another partial set I could throw in as well.

$65 a set or $250 for all 4 sets if you come get them or I can meet you around Jacksonville, Florida. Need them gone!! These are great tires, I just won on a set last weekend!!

Set #4, the 2012 set is sold.

See your PM please

All tires are sold…