For those of you who always complain that you can’t find the rules on line or get a copy of the rules… You should have raced at Raceway Park in Blue Island, IL… They were posted on the wall of the restrooms there!! Neat shot of one of Bud Koehler’s old Late Models… This track ran 3-4 times a week back in the '50s and '60s…

looks like it was able to run with only 2 classes.

That is my place went to Raceway sometimes 4 times a week, Sat Sun Wed FRI untill 1968 when we came to Fl.Still have an autographed picture of Koehler in Bill Koenig’s 65 Chevelle that he signed for me.
Used to ride there in Larry Middleton’s car when they flat towed it hanging on to the rollbars.

Tell the truth, Tom… That was the very first Silver Bullet…

Looks like a number you have seen before?

Almost the exact same font and everything!