Daytona Speedway

Anyone heard about a problem at the speedway with water weeping through the track? Heard from a good source in Daytona theres a real problem . Nothing on


No, havn’t heard anything about that. But it’s still a bummer. Another local short-track Raceway has had that problem for years, and cancelled races and events have become the norm, only recently in the past several years.

Again, bummer—NASCAR will do the typical construction well-pointing system to suck the moisture out, I am sure------before it becomes a major problem; simple solution—well-pointing that is. And for yous out there in the construction industy, you’all know what well-pointing is.

Yep 95, i have done a lot of well point building roads in Fla.

You know the other track you are talking about simply needs to slope the dirt around the outside wall AWAY from the track and 80% of their problem will be solved.