Info on Florida United Pro-Truck Series race at Auburndale Sat, Night !

The following trucks from Saturday nights race were DQ’s

37 Illegal Camshaft
26X Refusal to tear down
3 Total weight light on scales

The finish I was given is missing a truck, so I am waiting for a check of the score sheets to know where the truck goes so I can post the full finish.

The top 5 appears to be

  1. 50 Danny Anderson
  2. 41 Steve Darvalics
  3. 14 Sam Scott
  4. 7 Dylan Martin
  5. 2 Brad Bowman

Complete finish will be done as soon as they can check score sheets. I hope to have tomorrow. I will be getting the payoff ready tomorrow and mail out Thursday Morning.

Also on the chip deal, we will be putting a test together at Auburndale Speedway for August to check the chips, test to confirm correct numbers and test the tool for checking the chips. This will keep us from having issues during a points race with something being wrong. All teams will be invited to the test, more info will be announced !

I know the night was a bit rough the other night on the race track, we can wrk through this and we will if we stay together. Thanks

Isn’t the 37 team the same ones that started off the year with an illegal transmission??? Guess they still haven’t learned how to race by the rules.