Jimmy Mosteller

Saw on dirtondirt where he had died, in the article it talks a lot about his best friend, Jack Smith, was it this one or someone else by the same name?

Not the same Jack…

If it’s the same Jimmy Mosteller, I met him at Rome Speedway. A former owner of that track, he was sort of “master of ceremonies” the times I’d been there… walking through the crowd, mic in hand, and involving every fan he came across to get them on air and involved. The guy had to be 80 at the time, but KNEW his shit about racing in Georgia.

The man was/is an icon in his part of this sport, and will be missed by a LOT of people… myself included. Glad I got to spend 45 seconds of my life with him.

Now that I think of it, Seminole Wind might have been sitting next to me at the time…

Jerry, remember hanging with you, trackside at Rome. (Awesome night!) No beer allowed in grandstands, so not sure I was in the grandstands though!

Yes, Jimmy was a real character. One of those people who had the gift of making friends with everyone he met. He was the track announcer at the old Peach Bowl Speedway. The Peach Bowl closed in the early 70’s as it was sold to MARTA for a bus depot as it is basically in downtown Atlanta. You can clearly see the Georgia Dome from the property although no indication there was ever a race track at the location. I understand that they typically ran mid-week shows to SRO crowds. The track was a 1/4 mile, asphalt, so you know the racing was intense. Been told it was comparable to a Bowman Gray type atmosphere.
Jimmy often stopped by Dixie and Rome Speedways in the 80’s and 90’s to lend a hand in the announcers booth. His knowledge of Georgia racing was endless and his ability to express that knowledge in stories was always entertaining.
I am under the assumption (I could be wrong), that Jimmy was instrumental in bringing Hav-A-Tampa cigars to the former popular dirt late model series. He may have also been vice president of that cigar company. Of course, that sponsorship had to end when the government banned tobacco advertising in sports.
I do know that Jimmy is in the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame and well deservedly so!

Now that I think of it Seminole, it wasn’t the time of the trackside parking. It was my first trip, where I LEARNED about the trackside areas. Still amazed how fast a Late Model can go through the turns at Rome. Faster than they go on the STRAIGHTS at most tracks.

I think you’re also right about the Hav-A-Tampa connection. He was in tight with Mickey & Mike Swims, who owned both Dixie & Rome, and held the annual Hav-A-Tampa Shootout, which I think is the event now known as the Dixie Shootout. BIG money race… I think $25K the year I went.