Showtime Speedway

Great job and Congrats to Robert Yoho and the entire group at Showtime Speedway.

Great job. Good to see the place packed.

Was shocked at how many people were there! Very impressed. Still got some bugs in the system, but overall very good. I will definitely have to bring my sportsman when you run them!

Had a great time tonight, Easily 3000 people there. Enough street stocks showed up that they had to run 2 features for them.

One thing needs to change. They have got to get rid of that pace truck driver!

I thought it was supposed to be a “soft opening” lol … It was an awesome turn out! Never been to a short track as packed! Great modified and fig 8 racing!

any results? hopefully some pictures!!

The attendence was OVER 5000, the bleachers alone held 2400 and they were full, plus the people that lined the track in their own chairs, the back straightaway was completely sold out, and the pits were full, AWESOME TURN OUT !!!. You have a good point 77NovaRacer,the Pace Truck driver was having a tough time.

I had the pleasure of meeting Don Nerone for the first time, i know some of you have issues with him, but i can tell you this, he couldn’t of been nicer, he even invited me to eat some of his BBQ he prepared, Thank you Don.

Wish i had gotten over to the backstretch to see Frasson 118 but once we got a seat, we didn’t move, sorry i missed you Jerry.

Over all, it was a great night at “The Shine”…The Track is Back !!!

Gotta give not two, but three thumbs up to ALL the people that made this happen. Huge crowd, full pits, great people… all in all, a great night to witness a resurection. Couldn’t have possibly asked for better ( other than pace truck like others have said… nothing personal, but a glitch that NEEDS to be worked out).

Very impressed with all I saw, and all I met up with. Great night…!!!

Just an inexperienced Pace Truck driver, or was it other issues?

Get Barbara from Orlando, they ain’t runnin’ anyways…LOL

I agree - let’s see the pics and videos!

Oh - and did they run Super Late Models, or no?

Awesome and exciting news! I NEVER thought that place would be reincarnated!
A few years before it closed, I took a bunch of my wife’s family to a Saturday night show. For all but my wife, it was their first ever motorsports event. Needless to say, they were all thoroughly entertained. As we were pulling into the parking lot, one comment was, “Holy crap, so this is where everyone in Pinellas County is tonight!”

I think the 1/4 mile, flat banked track is the perfect size for a successful asphalt racing program.

Fans love it because…
Up close to the action.
Lots of contact and bent tempers.
Heavy braking into the turns usually keeps the field bunched up.

Racers love it because…
Don’t need the big money motor.
Crash damage is usually relatively minor. Car can be repaired for the next weekend.
Slower speeds can mean less chance of injury.
Lots of contact and bent tempers!

Super Lates were not there last night. Good amount of cars in most divisions, and a great fan turnout. The few things I noticed with the pace truck was it seemed he did not know when/where to get off the track. One time he was sitting on the apron of the front stretch for over a lap going into turn one and another time I saw him driving through turn one and two during a green flag run.

He would pull off the track and the cars would go by, then he would pull back onto the track and sit there. The second time he did this he realized he was sitting in the middle of the race and gunned it around turns 1 and 2 trying to outrun the open wheel modifieds, lol

Had a great time last night, place was packed and the racing was spectacular. My only few complaints would be the speakers in turn 4 didnt work, and the price of beer was $5.00 a (can) and water $3.00 a ( bottle) I know everyone has to make money but thats the highest I have seen at any track. But I will say it was the Best modified field I have seen in ten years…

It would be easy to criticize the track for things that weren’t right, but i must say, considering it was the first night, i think things went off pretty good. There are some things that are still needed including, permanent bleachers, more PA speakers, scoreboard, caution lights and some training for the Pace Car driver.
There is one thing that must be done before the next race though. Because of very limited bleachers in the pits, people in the pits were standing on the wall in turn one half way around to turn two(the ground is level with the top of the wall) and there was no fence. I would hate to think of what might of happened if one of the cars throttle hung open and ended up on top of the wall. We have lost two people recently to tragedies, lets not take anymore chances.

Glad you noticed that Doug. We were parked no more than 100 feet from that spot, and couldn’t believe people were standing there. At one point they did move everyone away, but then it turned out they were clearing room for the EMT crew. Once they were parked, everyone came back, including SEVERAL people in wheelchairs. Made me nervous as hell thinking 1 loose wheel could have mowed down literally dozens of people. Pretty much inexcusable, both for the fans to do it, and the track to allow it.
One of those things that HAVE to be corrected. One loose tire could have closed the place before it ever had a chance.

Other than that… I’m STILL pumped…!

Almost forgot to acknowledge my friends I saw along the way:

Went there with AB195, who took the time to formulate a deck for us to stand on for an outstanding view.

Tony Carreno, with an invitation to call him to “work something out”, made sure we had A-1 reserved parking, and along with being cool as shit, even hooked me up with a T-shirt, that I’m proudly wearing as I type.

OSF… what can you say about the old fart? Anyone that’s met him knows how cool and fun he is to be around. My next door neighbor for the night.

Gary J. - here’s a guy who I only see on occasion, but hard to find a more dedicated racefan, nice guy besides, and check out some of photography. Does a great job.

Long ago local hotshoe, Kenny Alderman… met him once before, but really had time to get to share stories with him. Only wish Jim Fenton was in that circle also.

Looked for the Burkhalter Boys, but they had rolled up the sidewalks by then.

Stopped by the 18 truck to say hello to, or get slapped by, Don Nerone. Saw the crew, but didn’t see Don… Heard his food was awesome from several people. Very nice of you to step up on that job Don.

Spent a few minutes with the Josh Todd crew, who won the first Mod feature. Cool group, and I will be pulling for you guys along the way.

For me, this wasn’t “just” a race… it was more of a Woodstock II deal. Lot of people that were damn proud to have been around for phase 1 of this speedway, and even more thrilled that it came back to life.

For probably 40 years or so, Ulmerton Road was the place to be seen. It looks like it will be for the next foreseeable future too.

Damn… that was COOL…!!!

So, how was the racing? Did a groove get worked in? Outside passing like the old days? :slight_smile:

Heat races, or did they run “time trials”? How was the Figure 8 racing?

Features only, no time trials. The outside was starting to come in a little by the last race of the night (second Modified Feature). They need to put barrels in the bottom groove to make all of the cars run the second groove during practice, this would help to rubber up the second groove. The track is much better though, definitely will be like the days before the concrete corners as time goes by. The Figure 8’s were entertaining, just need more cars to increase the ‘intersection action’.

No Idea who was in the white 25, but he put on a fantastic show in the Pro Fig-8’s. Great timing and control. My adrenaline was pumping pretty good there.

Cody Stickler was in the 25.