I am kart shopping

I’m looking for one or two flat karts with clone engines. Looking for complete units, no more projects please. Anyone have a deal?

rex we have a customers that has champ karts forsale they have a cage on them the cage can be cut off n they will be flat karts. he has the whole set up scales caster camber gauge spare geears clutches and alota other stuff wheels tires motors everything you need to go race. his name is pete burns 941 204 7455

Not recommended to cut the cages off. Wheelbases are different and chassis flex is a real concern.

Al, I wish there was more Champ kart action in our area, but the fact is there are very few around. I’d rather have my kids racing with a cage, (they are both crazy) but until things change I’m looking for flat karts.


i have a champ kart for sale cheep if int.