Allmendinger fails drug test

Sam Hornish in the 22 tonight.

Gotta feel bad for Penske… his drivers keep embarrassing his teams.

thats crazy… what a way to ruin such a great ride… dummy!

Shenanigans! Aascar waits until the "23rd"hour to say anything. The testing was done earlier in the week.The results don’t take that long. I declare shenanigans!

I didn’t understand that either. It’s like they were intent on putting the screws to the team. I don’t have any issues with their drug policy, but the way they handle the penalties is aometimes suspect. ie: Tim Richmond, Mayfield, and now Almendinger.


Blame it on the dag gum CLARITON

Heard it was a combination of Tylenol and Bulls-Eye BBQ Sauce…
Penske probably wishes he would have gone with Reutimann now…


IndyCar Series still has room for another A.J.----he can alway go there.

That 70’s Show

In the words of Red Foreman . " DUMBASS " !!! :mad:

In Nascars defense here… yes, the 11th hour announcement was kinda fishy. BUT, they are also smart enough to keep their liabilities to a minimum. They DID allow AJ to practice and qualify, and I don’t think they would allow that if they HAD known earlier. If anyone would have gotten hurt for ANYTHING that Dinger was involved in, Nascars ass would have been in a huge sling.

I don’t think they would risk a MAJOR lawsuit by allowing him out there, while sitting on the test results, for the sake of last-minute drama.

And Brian France KNOWS how to keep his ass out of court. His own actions have been really suspect, but he comes out clean as a whistle.


Why do we have to take a stand with anyone? If you have a set of rules that you have to abide by and follow, is it not your responsibility to follow these rules. Yes I know that they always said that if you aren’t cheating you aren’t racing. Cheating is a little different from failing a drug test. NASCAR specifically has it laid out as to what kinds of legal drugs (prescribed or over the counter) these drivers can take, It also specifically states that illegal drugs of any kind are forbidden. If you sign a contract with a team whether a low quality (one and done) or a team at the level of Penske, YOU DON’T DO DRUGS. I believe this issue came up with Jeremy Mayfield. Would you want to be on the track knowing that there is the strong possibility that another driver on the track where you are doing 200 MPH has been taking some type of drugs. I wouldn’t even want to be on track at a local level where speeds don’t even come close to 200 MPH.

From what I’ve seen and heard on video and radio waves, I think I’d rather be on the track when Kurt Busch was on drugs that I would when he wasn’t. A legally prescribed drug but it might not pass a urine test. Heck, even Darrell Waltrip use to make comments on the benefits of Prozac.

Wasn’t one of the basic rights in this country, innocent until proven guilty? They haven’t said a word about what he failed for, and there are several things that can come up as a “false positive”.

Sometimes these tests are accurate… sometimes, just an accusation can wipe out a lifetime.

They railroaded Jeremy Mayfield, and it looks like they may have been right.

BUT, they did it to Tim Richmond, and they were wrong, got sued, settled out of court for a bunch of cash… but ruined his career in the process.

It’s happened both ways, so don’t be all so sure of his guilt just yet.

Frasson…seems anymore YOU are guilty until YOU prove YOU are innocent!!!

Absolutely… Guilty until PROVEN innocent.

Many years ago, I was guilty of a DUI. One of the things I learned in my State mandated “rehabilitation”, was that you don’t have to fail ANY test to be proven guilty… only an Officers “opinion” that you are impaired. They can stand in court, say “I think…”, and it’s considered grounds for a conviction.

How’s THAT for bullshit…???

AJ has requested in writing that his “B” sample be tested. It took place yesterday. The info will be 4-5 days from Monday. This was on “Jayski” today.

I always thought that they tested “P” samples…:slight_smile:

Or was it a “B”/“P” sample?

Failed test

doesn;t take 4 days for a result. We do DOT Pre Employments & Randoms & the longest for a result as long as the paperrwork is right is 48 hrs.