great coverage on tnt

Love the coverage, they have the commercials figured out. I like the driver radio snippets they are playing too.

Yes, great coverage but so far the race is a yawner! :slight_smile:

Coverage was good, but they need to really work on syncronizing the mouth movements and voices a lot better. Thought I was watching a Japanese monster movie!

Would have liked to see the entire victory lane interview.

Once again I vote for four heats, a consy for the final three and a 30 lap feature. I can,t argue the finish was exciting I just feel for the people who nodded off just before the final 10 laps.

The announcing team leaves a lot to be desired… sorta like watching a really exciting PGA Tour tournament LOL… The video crew did do an excellent job of capturing all the excitement from multiple angles… Looks like they were well prepared… Running the commercials and the race coverage at the same time are a big plus… That super slo-mo of Johnson’s wreck was incredible especially to see how much of the impact the safer barrier actually takes… although the announce team totally missed that fact, instead focusing on how much the rear wheels of the car came off the ground…