Race parts(Engine, chassis and more)

Wilson 2 barrel 1.5in tappered addapter-100 obo
2 barrel 1in tappered addapter-75 obo
Used chevy wet sump oil pan and pick up two pice rear seal and timeing chain covve-100 obo
Chevy water pump- 25 obo
Chevy (906) vortex heads, cut down to low cc’s, 1.6&1.7 crane gold roller rockers, Dual intake bolt patteren, no valves(came from champion heads in palm coast)- 550 obo
Edelbrock 7116 intake chevy-100 obo
VDL 4412- 500 obo
McClendon 4412- 650 obo
Ford 9in full floater for a metric monte carlo, 3 chunks and 2 other gears inbox- 1,500 obo
Chevy metric monte carlo spindels, howe calibers, coleman hubs and rotos-150 obo
8in basset wheels 5x5 2in and 4in back spacing, have black and chrome, hoosier groved on them-45 each
Metric monte carlo stearing box-100
5 koni shocks. 3-11in bodys and 2-9in bodys one has small dent-200 obo
4 Pro shocks for BBSS 2-11in bodys and 2-9in bodys-250 obo
Five star 2 barrel fiberglass air box top and bottom-75 obo
Jaz 16 gal plastic blatter with quick fill-100 obo
28in griffin raditor-75 obo
Floor mount pedals, dual brake and clutch,-50 obo
Reverse mount pedals, brake and clutch combo-50 obo
Parts are in Ormond Beach. email at warnickthomas@yahoo.com

What Brand Floor Mount Clutch And Brake Pedal Are They

Amf Chassis 863 419 8700

There wilwood

Ok, I want them! How do I get my hands on them? I am located in Haines City… If you can ship them I will pay for the shipping… Send me a private message if you want and we can work details out… Thank you!!!

how many chrome rims do you got and what backspacing

how much for spindle right side

Hello!!! Is This Stuff Still For Sale Would Like To Buy The Pedals


why do you post a add and you dont respond :smilie_abcfra:

Interested in some of your parts( 9 inch,spindles/hubs&pedals) I`m up in Palm Coast. Can you call my # 386-569-4151 Thanks Rich

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