a chat at Dixie Speedway

I was traveling in N. GA yesterday when I passed by the front gate of Dixie Speedway. Sad to say, they were not running a Wednesday night show, but I stopped in anyway to have a look around. I met track owner Micky Swims and we had a great visit. He reports that he is averaging well over 100 cars a night, the stands and drive-in area are full, and that the track is having its best year ever.

Its nice to hear about someone doing it right!

Been there several times. Dixie does have it going on up there. Mickey also owns a sister track, Rome Speedway, about an hour away from there. Rome only runs specials rather than weekly, and they also pull well over 100 for each show, and the stands are full there also.

One question Rex… how’d you FIND the damn place? Although it’s located right on the main road through town, the entrance is like a driveway between a couple of businesses. Even though I’d been there a few times, AND it was race day, I still drove past it a few times before I got it right…! Ocalaisback was with me for that adventure.

I was cruising down 92 and wasn’t even looking for a track. They had some sort of sign by the street. Nothing fancy, but it caused me to lock the brakes and do a “U” turn.

Prob with dixie …You have to run there tires to race there.

Im sure you will have to run his tires…

Micky has been a promoter in ga for over 40 years …his son Mike was one of the best ever.
We lost him a few years ogo at a young age… He was known for his involment with the Have A Tampa series for dirt super late models…
Dixie was a paved track and Micky put dirt on it in the 80s. It has alwase been the place to race in the south east…


And the USCS is there tomorrow night. You guys talked me into going. It’s not a bad drive from Athens.

Glad I made it over to Dixie last night. Packed stands, tons of cars and entirely too many classes – then again, if you have the cars to support them, more power to you. It’s the first dirt track I’ve been to in Georgia that isn’t run like an absolute dumpster fire. Great people, very reasonable prices and a tightly-run show. Beautiful facility, too.

Quick note: at the concession stand, I got a cheeseburger, fries and a 20-oz. Coke for $5.25. I thought that was rather fantastic.