motorcycles at 5 Flags?

I see that Pensacola is advertising motorcycle races as part of an upcoming show. Great! I’ve seen “short track bikes” a few times, and I’ve got to tell you, they are thrililng!

Have they done this before? Was it successful?

Why can’t this work elsewhere? Bikes are very powerful and popular. I bet they will put on an excellent show.

I have always wondered why other tracks haven’t done the same thing. At least during intermission or something. I think it would be cool on dirt or asphalt. Interested to see what kind of response they get.

We’ve been working on doing a show like 5Flags for the past month for in the very near future, we are in the process of working out all the details. When we get the green light, our flyer will be posted.
Short Track Motorcycle Racing …It’ an awesome idea :slight_smile:
Desoto Super Speedway

I’ve seen the AMA Pro Series, flat-track bikes on the asphalt at Volusia. These 750 cc Harley’s are built to run dirt, but that didn’t stop them from running the pavement. It was a thrilling show for sure. Those guys rode the place like it WAS dirt, sliding through every corner, rear tire smokin like a bitch… they were nuts.

The problem I see with this idea, is that there are very few flat-track bikes in the state, and I don’t know anywhere in Florida that runs them with any regularity.

Where are you going to FIND these racers…???