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The Big Show Is A Huge Success!!!
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Full-time racer and once a year race promoter Brett Hearn staged a race last night at Albany Saratoga that totally packed the joint and at the same time punched all those promoters in the face who sit on their ass and claim half-filled grandstands is what everyone is dealing with these days.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when a guy who only promotes one show a year can out hustle a whole region of pavement promoters, but it’s good to know that if someone is willing to put the effort in it and be creative, an overflow crowd can still be had.

The crowd Hearn attracted was so big, it easily filled the Malta grandstands an hour before the show was supposed to start, and resulted in people being allowed to sit in the aisles and pits because there weren’t any seats in the grandstands available for the overflow crowd.

Having a visiting big name driver (Ron Horniday), lots of good music piped over a good sound system, a ton of displays on the midway, cue card girls for each heat race like they have at boxing matches for each round, and ample autograph time with the Dirt Modified stars all gave the event a huge buzz that too few race tracks are able to muster in today?s do-as-little-as-possible-to-promote-an-event environment.

Malta is a track that doesn?t have even a 1/3 of the seating capacity of Thunder Road, yet on Tuesday night they almost doubled the best 50/50 payout Thunder Road will probably have this season ($3020.00).

That?s the power of great race promotion!!!

Oh yeah, it didn?t hurt the crowd got to see a good race with some fireworks up front either.

One thing is for sure, Brett Hearn the driver doesn?t miss a trick. If he?s racing a guy on the outside who is making a charge, he?ll run his car high in the middle of the straights to break the other cars momentum, likewise if Hearn is running the high side and someone on the inside is making that work, he?ll crowd that car low on the straights so they have a bad angle to take the corners. He also isn?t shy about chopping people in such a way that if they don?t lift, they will screw themselves.

Fortunately Bobby Varin plays the same game just as hard, and didn?t cut Hearn any slack when he took the lead from him in lapped traffic. Varin eventually won the race in the Andy?s Speed Shop #97, but he and Hearn had several tussles in lap traffic that almost allowed Stewart Friesen to beat them both.

Good car count on hand with 34 Big Block SDS entries, and 19 Pro Stocks which also put on a very competitive race.

Jessica Zemken was a last minute fill-in for the suspended Danny Johnson. She was so-so in qualifying, but lasted less than 30 laps in the feature when she got caught up in a wreck on a restart.

Most of the asphalt promoters around here should have been forced to attend the Big Show and see how a successful race with a big crowd should be run. I?m sure once his racing season is over, Mr Hearn would be willing to give some pointers to these promoters too.

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Not trying to start anything but you are comparing apples to oranges…Tuesday night…what other tracks was racing in the area on Tuesday night that Hearn did not have to compete against…promotes 1 race a year…less say your local track only raced 1 big race a year…would it not be packed?..if the WoO was to race weekend and week out in the same area or track would there shows be PACKED? I’m sure Brett did good and USED his status to promote this event…before I say he is a good or great promoter less see him operate a track for 1 year on a weekly basic like all the “other” promoters are doing and see if every night in “standing room only”

lets say your local track only raced 1 big race a year…would it not be packed?..

If it is kept secret like so many of the weekly shows are, then no, it would not be packed.

Southern, I think the point is it was a mid-week show that didn’t have any other tracks competing with it on that night and they packed the place. Being it was exceptionally promoted by Brett made it a standing room only event. The SDS races are usually midweek shows that always put on good programs with good crowds. These races are basically qualifying races for Syracuse’s big race in October that have decent payoffs and a points system that pays well. The reference to asphalt probably has something to do with past comments in that area regarding the sad state of affairs at the track previously, when it was asphalt. I don’t know. Whether Brett could do this week in and week out is doubtful. Dave Lape and Andy Fusco use to promote a couple similar type races at a leased track and did very well.
Thanks for sharing Andre’. I assume you didn’t write this. Do you know who did?

Thanks for sharing Andre’. I assume you didn’t write this. Do you know who did?

No I did not wrote it, Andy B did. This Andy B.(or Short Track Fan) I do not know personnaly but he writes here and there on Northeastern forums. He is very down to the point, don’t please everybody, but in the end, he’s normally right or at least very hard to prove wrong.

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Yep, mid-week shows won’t work, and they all lose money…

[B][I]Yep! Don’t do that it won’t work…

Unless…you try and if necessary…try harder.

Almost anything can be made to work if you work at it. EuroNascar make short track stock car racing in shopping mall parking lots:[/I][/B]…&feature=share

The great part of it is it’s in midlle of town, accessible by either walking there, taxi, buses. Close by, like Bowman Grey Stadium.

Thanks Andre’, I read a post last night from someone up north who was planning on attending 9 events in the next 11 days. So obviously the majority will be week nights and I can’t imagine that many week night events being scheduled if they weren’t successful.
BTW, do you have a different link to the parking lot racing? The one you provided doesn’t seem to work. Sounds interesting.

try this one:

Your wasting your time on here Andre as everybody seems to have all the answers to what WON"T work…

Mid-week shows could work, but there has to be a reason to run it. I would like to see a track step up and try a show on Labor Day.

As usual, TUNA, you missed the point again… Andre is pointing out that it CAN work, and DOES work in areas that try it. If some track promoter had the guts, the effort, and the hard work it would take, there’s no reason a couple of mid-week or holiday shows won’t work.

You can’t expect to run a regular program on a weeknight and expect it to work. It needs to be something special. Something like the UDLMCS along with a Top Gun show on the same night seems like something that could work. Just a thought for the dirt folks.