Bad to the Bone mud truck for sale

'84 chevrolet mud truck mud ready less motor, has 12" of lift and 456 gears with 39.5" boggers, asking $2500, I can email or text pics if you want. Please call or text 386-956-9777

Send pics to 941-763-2188 thanks

Still waiting for pics…941-763-2188

Must not be that bad…

Personally, i hate lowered trucks out there but would like to see some big wheels on the 84 chevy. My neighbor actually owns one and very good looking on its new mods. The problem then is that the parts are quite pricey as they are somewhat rare and old. some people would gonna prefer to visit the local junks instead of having those from manufacturer.

[SIZE=“1”]pickup truck[/SIZE]


I giggle every time I read this guys responses!

Like I said if it was really bad he would post pics when asked…I love people that don’t really want to sell their shit ,they just want attention…if you want attention go to a day care …