USRA B-Mods-I-35 Speedway-Hunt Wins-Video

Trevor"Real Deal"Hunt the 13 year old driver from Kearney Mo. showed everyone just what he can do with a race car on the I-35 Speedway racing surface. With some of the best B-Mod drivers in the division on hand Real Deal took the lead after Chad Clancy dropped out of the race, after that it was bye bye as he drove away from everyone else for the win.

I am thinking I should archive these races that Trevor is running now because later down the road we will look back and say, I remember that race at I-35 or where ever he has raced at.

His dad told me he ran his 1st a-mod race at Valley Speedway last Saturday night and finished 4th behind some good drivers. Just like Real Deal to take it easy for the 1st time out then he will let the big dog eat as he gains respect from the other drivers and he feels more comfortable behind the wheel.