old auto racing photos

I just stumbled across some old racing photos that were pretty neat. They’re from a Boston area photographer by the name of Leslie Jones and these were taken from about 1917 to 1937. I’m going to post the Flickr link, as they seem to provide a little better description of the shots. ie: who and where, not necessarily when. I get a chuckle looking at the spectators, some of who are in the grandstands, but many are actually standing in front of and in their convertible cars to watch the races. Dressed in their Sunday best. One of the tracks is Rockingham, NH and it looks like it could be a board track. It’s big, and looks like it’s got some decent banking in the corners. Closeup shots of drivers and car look like it’s made of boards. Anyway, if you’re interested check this link. http://www.flickr.com/photos/boston_public_library/sets/72157629880902912/

If interested this man also took many photos of many other subjects. There’s a whole section on auto accidents from that time period also. Just do a little browsing.

Rockingham WAS a board track. I was born far too late, or I would trade 1 left k’nugget, 2 free Falstaffs that someone still owes me, and 3 front row “reserved”'parking spots at VSP, for ONE single experience like that.

An amazing, yet under appreciated part of history.

Good stuff Winger, thanks for sharing the link with us. I love the old nostalgia racing pictures from the past.

What surprised me is how dusty the track was. I’d never thought about it but I guess the dust would accumulate on it and be there unless they brushed it off. A track that size would take forever to brush off.