Good racing at Showtime!

Was standing room only agin even after Robert added 1000 seats since 7-4.
The car count was down from 7-4 but they all put on a good show.

How many Sprints?

1000 seats/grandstands—off to the left of the flagstand, i hope----lots of room.

Hay Frass

I think there was 18 that was there, caution free , the bushnell bullet pretty much had them covered, good race from what i saw, also the boneman was in the house he had a good run,Osf in the house, and I got to meet trash in turn 4. I have to say it wuz a pretty good night.

Thanks Tony. Sounds like another successful night.

Glad Rex made it. I don’t know how that man finds enough hours in his life to do what he does. As of Thursday, I know he was in Atlanta, works a full time job, has a wife and family at home, and still finds time to travel 2-1/2 hours to Sunshine.

Good job Mr. owm61! You were looking pretty darn sporty and I demand a rematch.

Sounds like Showtime is doing it RIGHT down there. Never been there but want to go since after last night, I’m done with Bronson.
Please give the location of the track and their website(I’m sure they have one, unlike Bronson). :sprachlos020:

What happend at bronson jim?


Me thinks jim got treated like a red headed step child for trying to help promote there race track. Go FIGURE, DAM YANKEES, GO BACK HOME LOL.BONEMAN no problem on a rematch, it was a pleasure to get to race with you guys, I had a great time. Some of my buds that where there say I need to sell the mods and by a sprinter??? That should go over with the wife just fine LMAO

Tony… don’t sell the Mod, just ADD a Sprint…!

Hey Jim, sorry to hear about you getting “beat down” for actually trying to help promote Bronson Speedway through something other than Facebook (HOW DARE YOU!). I’m sure Robert would love to have you down at Showtime. Website is and address is 4550 Ulmerton Road Clearwater FL (Pinellas Park). It’s an easy ride from up north, down the Suncoast/Veterans and over the Courtney Campbell (I-275). It’s just off I-275 once you cross the bay. Robert says he’ll be putting out a full schedule soon.

Thanks man… looks like NSS the 21st for the e-mod race. Just out motored in the full mod races with this e-mod motor anyway. Just trying to have fun in retirement…

Jim… call me sometime with the whole low-down on this. Of all the places, and all the things you do, to hear you say “it ain’t fun…” must have a story behind it.

Had the pleasure of meeting Bob-Old Sunshine Fan,and Tony- OWM61 both for the first time. It’s kinda funny how you read on here all the comments about people, some negative, but then you meet the people, they are really nice people.
I was a little disappointed in the car count in most of the classes, and they had to cancel the Modified Mini’s due to tire supply issues.
I really like the parking on the back staightaway, it’s like a 4 hour tailgate party with your friends. It will be nice when they get the PA system working back there so you know whats going on.
My hats off to Robert though, it’s is a monumental task getting everything in place, but he has accomplished alot in a short amount of time.

sorry I missed you last night Trash. I never made it to the back straight. I made the mistake of not Taki Cart. Had to hoof it all night.

Hopefully we will have another opportunity to meet soon. I heard they may have a Late Model race on the 27th, Buzzie isn’t racing that night, so i will probably go to Showtime.


I…uh…went to East Bay.


I will admit Matt, if i would of seen you there, it would of been icing on the cake, it would of made my day !!!.

Double dammit.

Wish I had gone, Doug, but I had to run up to Brandon to take some stuff to my boy who was hanging out with some friends and as it was already 7pm…I decided to hop over to East Bay and see what was happenin’…didn’t know Bonehead was plannin’ on being at Sunshine (I won’t be calling it SHOWTIME anytime soon) but if I had, I woulda been there with my 4 wheeler to shove him around.

Looks like I missed out on hooking up with the gang again…although I smelled some stuff at the Bay that reminded me of either sitting next to OSF or the inside of a port-o-let at a Burrito, Beer and Brauts all-you-can-eat contest…

Oh well…we’ll meet up someday, brau.

Maybe I’ll even be racing something, myself.

the inside of a port-o-let at a Burrito, Beer and Brauts all-you-can-eat contest… On a hot day! OSF, I believe you are up.

Maybe I’ll even be racing something Well its about damn time! That would sell some tickets when your legions of loyal fans show up. I know where there is a nice, complete J&J for sale.

We sure could have used a 4 wheeler too… My bad!