Drunk Driver runs over race trailer

Wayne and I were in a bad wreck this morning coming back home for the race track…at 3:01am 1 mile from the hi-way exit to our house and he ALWAYS runs cruise control… traveling at 60 mph we got run over by a drunk driver …here is the impact to the trailer…speed was estimated the drunk guy in his Chevy truck was running over 90 mph…he hit the trailer as I was sleeping in the passenger seat then pushed the trailer completely around then went in the ditch and hit a tree…as he was trying to back out and leave, Wayne was able to get to him only to get run over by his truck as he was backing up, then he put it back in drive and hit the tree again…Wayne was able to get the keys out but was not able to sub-due the guy as he took off into the woods…They did transport Wayne to Mayo Clinic ER with severe Back pain and 220/130 blood pressure…have been here since 4 am waiting…Darrin and Kimmie did come to help with the trailer and truck…as you see SEVERE damage to the trailer and the back of the truck along with both sides of the truck…I am really getting sore and will go get checked out also… 1 mile from our exit to the house just 2 miles from the house…will keep you updated when I know more Kari Davis

So sorry to hear about this! I’m happy to hear that yall were “ok”, though!

Man that sucks, glad to hear you guys are all right. What kind of truck was the guy driving?

That’s messed up. Glad everyone is okay.

At home resting yet still hurting…not as bad as I do when I go outside to see the trailer and contents along with my truck tore all to hell…just very thankful that I was pulling a trailer for I might not be here today… I was doing 62 with the cruise control on and he hit me estimated at 90…again thanks for all the prayers and hope to see ya soon at the races…Wayne Davis