Showtime sprints

I gotta tell you, I’ve had easier nights…

Buy hey, no complaints from me. We ended up having a really good time with the winged sprints at Showtime Speedway.

There were several of us who had never raced at Showtime before, so there was a bit of a learning curve. Couple that with a brake problem on my car, and I ended up with two crazy practice sessions that left me feeling like a fish in a dishwasher.

Then things got worse. I went out for the heat race, and although the brakes were right, now the engine wouldn’t run properly. We made some changes and pushed it off before the dash, but had the same result. So we had time for one more thrash before the feature, but made the right changes, so it would be “showtime” for our team at last.

I started last and ended up 9’th. Not spectacular, but it was lots of fun. Our feature went non-stop for 30 laps, and I could have used a yellow to make sure we were away from the leaders. Oh well, everyone came back in one piece, and as far as I could tell, a good time was had by all.

I give Mr. Yoho credit: aside from bringing this excellent track back from the dead, he also conducts the funniest drivers meeting that I’ve ever been to. Make no mistake: he gets it. This is a promoter who realizes that the show for the fans is the main thing, and it has to be the objective of the racers too. I’m sure he’ll have his ups and downs, but I wish him well, I will support his track again, and I’m looking forward to watching Showtime grow!

He said “Fish” Hee Hee in my beast Bevis talk…LOL

Boney, Glad you liked it. I raced there for 2 1/2 seasons with my SLM and had a blast. That is even when Bonnie and Frank ran it. At least they were good to us. Can’t wait to go back (will when vacation is over). Go figure. I live 15-20 minutes from Speed World and would pull 1 1/2 (1 1/4 or less if my ex was driving) hours to race there. And YES to me it was about the money. First time I ran 2nd there and went to the Pay window, I thought I had hit the Lotto. Think it was at least $600 and we got a little extra for towing so far (think it was $100). They had a policy also if you crashed or broke in practice, you at least got last place money and points. Donno if they are gonna do it now, but what a concept. We ran the same Hoosier F-45’s we run now and they were $367.00 for 4 dismounted/mounted!!! But don’t let it fool you! When you crash, it’s still a hard hit. Personal Experience.

I worked at a bunch of racetracks over the years and never had more fun than at Sunshine… Frank & Bonnie were great to work for and everyone from the staff to the drivers were a blast to be around… Yoho was “just” a wrecker driver back then but his passion for everything was immense and I’m glad it’s he who has the place now… Maybe I can hop a ride with dd38 and we’ll bring a Modified over there when he gets back from playing hillbilly… huh David?

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