Another Modified Legend passes

“Wild Bill” Slater has passed on. Bill was a long-time star in the New England Modified wars. He was also instrumental in the Mod portion of New Smyrna’s Speedweeks. Never met him, but from all accounts, he was very well liked and highly respected.

Jerry/Wild Bill…

Jerry … that is such sad news. Seems like we are losing our favorite legends in racing. I guess we cant live forever huh… I didnt know Bill personally because women werent allowed back in the pits but I sure did see him racing for a long long time. He was a master at the wheel… Gene Bergen and Bill Slater… so sad.
Thanks for posting Jerry.
Sure wish we could have had him at the reunion…


Another Modified Legend passes

When I was a member of the media back in New England I always looked forward to time that I would have to talk to Wild Bill Slater. He had a wonderful sense of humor and he loved to tell stories from his racing days. A sensational guy that will be dearly missed.

Worked with him many times at the NSS World Series… boy did he have some good stories!

I had the pleasure of seeing Bill every week at Stafford Motor Speedway for years. You see he was the guy who would tear the stubs at the Pit Gate every Friday night that I entered the pits, every year that I ran there. It was always cool starting out your racing evening being greeted by a living legend who always wore a big smile. During rain delays I would frequently wander back to the pit gate to listen to Bill tell his stories about “the good old days”. Rest in peace Bill, you will be sorely missed. One of the true good guys of the sport. :frowning: