This weekend at Showtime Speedway.

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Strange Responds

This past weekend as my wife and I were about to enter the track, we ran in to yoho and asked him about the Sportsman class running and he stated that he was trying to find out who was going to support the track and that the Sportsman weren’t even on the schedule or have any rules. I stated that then how do you know who is going to support you if you don’t put them on the schedule at least once to see?

And he walked off. So if you have a Sportsman and plan on running at Showtime, WELL it could be awhile. I guess I"ll just have to bring my Mod-Mini this week and see how things go.

I have recieved the same result. I have asked on more then one occasion. I have a sportsman ready to race, even went to practice once to show support. I am not sure why he doesn’t want this class on his schedule. I guess he has no problem with going from street stock to OWM or even a Latemodel. It is a great in between and POPULAR class.

Schedule??? I didnt think he believes in schedules. Every week it is last minute, and why in the world wouldnt he want sportsman? A-Dale, PGS, Citrus all have great car counts, and the rules are very similar at all 3 tracks. But what do I know? I would love to run there someday with my sportsman, but looks like it might be a while if ever.

I just asked to be able to add the cars to website list so he can see how many are ready to race, and didn’t get a response. He also stated any class with less then 12 cars will be canceled untill they get 12 cars to the track. I am sure we can get really close to that number now if he would actually schedule sportsman ( and not last minute ). I hope he would use the other tracks rules also.

12 per class

I dont think so. He ran 4 pro 4’s or what ever he is calling it and the street stocks were canselled saturday night just hours before the track opened. Really all those cars from the 4th and street stocks are already canselling. he also only had 7 or 8 pro figure 8s saturday. We’ll see what happens this week with the street stocks on the schedule again.

Mod-Mini’s if there are tires should have a good turn out base on all the talk going around.

the street stocks were never on the schedule for last week, they are for this week.

Maybe it would be good to get the classes he has settled and running then look at other classes or maybe those will be his classes and you should build a car for that track if you wish to race there

that is the problem with many tracks is sooo many classes with 5 cars in each

I’m thinking he want to succeed not be like the rest

Not be like the rest??? Sportsman draw at least 8 cars (and many, many more at other places) EVERYWHERE they race. Sportsman draw 16 cars + EVERYTIME they run at Citrus and Punta Gorda. But hey, those places give Sportsman the respect they deserve. I have tried, tried, tried to communicate with Robert Yoho about racing Sportsman at Showtime, but he just won’t give me the time of day on that subject. Last I checked with him he was gonna call me back on the subject AND THAT WAS MORE THAN TWO WEEKS AGO. I don’t get it, if he would just simply put them on the schedule with a decent notice we could have TONS of Sportsman cars there. I’m starting to get the impression he just plain doesn’t like the division. Do they steal the thunder of the Super Late Models because they look similar and put on a CLEAN, COMPETITIVE show at half the purse??? I would get on every board and promote the sh*t out of a Sportsman race (if he ever chose to have a race for us there). I’m just gonna wait and see at this point and not hold my breath. I’m done trying to communicate with him. It has gotten me nowhere. Gonna do a double at Orlando and New Smyrna on a Fri/Sat at the end of this month and again at the end of Aug. Price of gas is killing my racing budget so two nights in a row w a hotel is a cheaper option. If Showtime ever has Sportsman though, I will be there…:confused::confused::confused:


give him a chance to run his track…


I agree pun, you guy’s just wait it out a little longer, It’s going to go down and happen for ya. I think you guys will put on a great show when it does …

When did it become the racer’s problem to get cars to the race track?


It really isnt. Its up to the track. But with the way racing is declining I think anyone involved in the sport needs to help promote. Its all of us! Just my opinion…
I also agree with Pun… Give Bobby a chance. He just opened! He has done wonders for Sunshine just as Kevin has for PGS… Cost them both a small fortune to give you back your “home” away from home. Be patient … sometimes people approach the owners at the worse times and that doesnt get much done. Call for an appointment … Like any other business. Bobby has his hands full … it will all work out.
Carol Wicks

Carol… you say it takes “all of us”… well “all of us” includes Robert Yoho. Here are people WANTING to race there, and plenty of people who have volunteered their time and services, and yet they can’t even get a return phone call. Granted, I’m sure he’s busy, but SOMEONE should be in charge of public relations. Nobody gets called, nobody gets answers, and damn it we can’t even get results.

These issues start from the top of the ladder. How much support are people supposed to give someone that totally ignores them…?

:ernaehrung004: I totally agree with frasson… I own a small business and if my customers were coming to me and asking questions and all I did was turn around and walk away, I would not expect them to return at all… It is totally rude and very unprofessional.

I agree Jerry…

Im just saying that as a new owner Bobby is overwhelmed and sometimes people approach him when he is involved and he gets frustrated. i think he will have a very successful business soon. You know in your own business you cant always take care of someone immediately. I do agree that phones should be answered to at least acknowledge the person… perhaps he just hasnt had a chance to fill that position. Receptionist… Racers are Impatient. :wink: … he has only been open 2 weeks. other tracks have been open for yrs. and not accomplished what he has. hense my reason for defending. lol :wink: never said i was right. just giving an opinion and i sure respect yours. Miss ya fuddy!

I was just pointing out that whether he’s new, busy, frustrated, overwhelmed or what not, the lines of communication need to get better.

It’s impossible to un-burn a bridge…


Robert himself stated that street stocks were cancelled about 2 hours before races were to start last sat, maybe due to lack of not having 12cars, as someone stated he was only going to run divisions with 12 or more cars in them, trucks had 4 he ran them, had good sprint count 18 good show for them, the figure 8’s i think had 8 they did a great show exciting every lap. As far as running other classes go i think if i had several people ask about a class id for sure add them one time see how many do show up if they dont have good count then at that point say sorry guys but i cant run them its not always about alot of cars its about the show, 18 sprints no cautions u can have 5 bombers and 10 cautions granted dont want cars torn up or anyone hurt but the shows what people want to see. just MY 2 cents

Give the man a break. He has totally redone the place and has it opened up for racing in less 8 weeks from the start of his lease. In the beginning everyone was told these are “preliminary races” prior to a grand opening. I would expect to see some kind of in stone schedule very soon. A lot of experiementing and testing the waters is going on now. Rome wasn’t built in a day guys!

[QUOTE=MiniRacer26;109163] In the beginning everyone was told these are “preliminary races” prior to a grand opening.
We fans were told on the night of the 4th of July the grand opening was to be the 21st.e Then Robert changed the date due to some unforseen circumstances. Thats ok. My issue is there are championship drivers and teams TRYING to give Robert advice and he thinks he knows it all because he used to be a racer. The guys that are trying to help have raced at most of the tracks in Florida more than once and know why some draw better crowds and have better fan support than others. PLEASE Robert listen to these people as soon you may start losing the fans and then what are you left with? Exactly what you started with. :ernaehrung004:

Be patient! He has a dragstrip to run that he just renovated and the oval track isnt even 100% complete! I’d like to see you do what he has done with what little was left of both tracks and make EVERYBODY happy lol