Life Insurance and Racing

I am looking at getting life insurance and my agent says its going to be very expensive because I race cars. I do not race for a living, its just a hobby so why would that raise my insurance. I understand its a high risk hobby but so is riding a motorcycle or having a high performance speedboat that goes 150mph but they don’t ask you anything about that. Has anyone had experience with this?

It happened to me too. I was very blunt with the agents and told them that I won’t accept a big difference, and I shopped around.

We have Farm Bureau for almost everything, including life insurance… My policy covers anything that happens in a racecar. I don’t remember how much it was, but it was really reasonable, only a little bit more than without. I do remember our agent telling us that the fact that I raced 25 times a year or more actually made our rates MORE reasonable than someone who does it say, 5 times per year. I guess they say that the occasional road racer who isn’t doing it week in and week out statistically is more likely to have problems compared to someone who does it “all the time”… I also remember him saying that you end up in basically the same category as an Airline Pilot… I hope this little bit helps!!!