What is the best bargin for a track in FL???

Which track is the best bargin?
Rumors are Auburndale is 3 mil
We know that Desoto is 3 mil
Rumors are that OSW is 4 mil
what other tracks are available…ALL OF THEM at some price!

IF…IF these figures are correct…OSW is THE best deal as it has 114 acres+Oval+Drag

What are your thoughts?

I think someone is CRAZY if they want to buy a track and IF these rumors are correct would not buy OSW…Look at what you get…History…GREAT track…the shows that you would inherit…
Night of Fire
World Street Nats
Fun Ford
Crash A Rama
The list goes on! I can see OSW making it with these things in place!!!

Can’t verify this, but my understanding is that Lake City(asphalt) price was $750,000. Needs repaving though… Right now it has been leased and waiting for paperwork to be completed…

OSW could be a Gold Mine if they got NASCAR sanction, and played up the whole NASCAR angle to the millions of tourists that visit Orlando every year. Have ride along and driving experiences during the day for tourists. Hell you could even stage amateur races during the day with detuned cars with remote kill switch ability. Promote the crap out of NASCAR style Friday night races to the hotel zones through kiosks and the Tourism TV channels in the hotels. Run busses to the hotel zones and give the Dad’s a free beer for the ride. Have a junk event at the end of every night to entertain the kiddies. Run a tight features only event with the emphasis on entertainment. Make it Fan Friendly with Family pricing and value meals for the kiddies. Orlando is always the number 1 or 2 tourist destination in the US every year. The potential is incredible with someone innovative running the show.

The problem is that OSW is located closer to Cocoa Beach than the tourist corridor which is well west of Orlando for the most part excluding Universal Studios… Getting people to fight traffic or even figure out how to get there would take tons of expensive PR… I’m not sure if NASCAR would help because most bonafide fans are already NASCAR’d to death… The place just needs to be fixed up and actually promoted properly by someone who really lives, eats and breathes racing… not just go through the motions or cancel races because there are dark clouds over the track at 1pm…

The track itself is awesome…the location is still good although it’s not in the heart of the tourist area. The drainage just needs to be fixed before anything…a sprinkler could go off and they would have to rain it out…it’s like a gamble every week.

whoever did it would have a deep investment that might not come out so good.

Better,no other small tracks with in 3hr.

A good promotor could;
Go to Miami and talk to Miccosukee Indians,get a deal with them in Maimi,for a 1/4mile or 1/3mile oval and 1/4 mile drag strip.
Then you would have something good,now that only 2 drag’s are only 1/8mile south east fla.,the drag guys are screaming for a 1/4mile,and a well run oval would be good to,ether drit or black top.
Being Indian land,they can do what ever they like on it,and just out side miami on sw 8th st.


I know that it has been up for a sale awhile but are the owners of desoto really wanting out of it that bad? If you look at racing junk it used to be $3,900,000 but now it is $2,900,000 thats a 1 million $ cut.

Miccosukee Indians

All they need to do is figure out how to run the betting on street stocks and 4 cylinder bombers…

Thanks Rusty

What about the track at Disney ? I would LOVE to see a Brighthouse Late Model race there. How about a Central FL Late model championship series with two races per track; Auburndale ,Citrus, NSS, OSW, with the first and last races at DISNEY. Perhaps Brighthouse and Disney Could $$$ UP and I’m sure that other QUALITY sponsors would come on board. Would bring more $$$ to Disney and the tracks; and that’s what it’s all about to promoters. It’s a shame that Disney’s track has no real racing anymore. I agree that OSW would do better on Sat. As a kid I lived in Apopka, We could go to NSS on a Fri. in less time than OSW. F&%# NASCAR!!! Thanks Rusty, GOOD QUESTION

I agree Kletus. F*#k NASCAR. They have singnificantly scaled back their support of Grassroots Short Track racing in this country since King Brian France has taken control. He prefers to go International with NASCAR with things like the failed Wing spoiler, races and Series in Canada and Mexico, JP Montoya and the other long list of truly mediocre International drivers that don’t adjust to Stock Cars well, while ignoring the short tracks as a feeder system even though the best new blood still comes from there (like Denny Hamlin). However putting the NASCAR sanction on a Short Track gives you the ability to use the “brand name”. Like it or not NASCAR sanctioned short tracks blow non-sanctioned tracks out of the water attendance-wise. There are none in Florida so you can’t see the example locally. As for Walt Disney World Speedway, it would be tough to have a race there since there are no grandstands. Even when they had IRL and NASCAR truck races there the grandstands were only temporary ones.


Scott, OSW has a lot of grandstands that never get used.

Yeah. Too bad they are always empty. :frowning: I’d help move 'em with my dually and trailer if you can get Disney Speedway to have a Sportsman race with the Late Models! :aetsch013: