New Race Director for Charity 200 Race Weekend !

Charity 200 Race Weekend to have new race director !

C.A.R.S. Racing for a Cause media

Orlando FL. 7-23-2012 - Nascar driver Joey Coulter and event director Rick Bristol have announced that former Nascar spotter Shawn Reutimann will handle the race directing chores for this years Joey Coulter Charity 200 Race Weekend presented by All Compressor Inc. and Aaron’s.

" Shawn, who will also be the new race director for the Florida United Pro-Truck Series for the final 5 races of the 2012 season as well, has volunteered his assistance to the event and we appreciate it. Shawn knows the work we do as the foundation and event helped a family close to him, the Watts family and little Mattison last year. We are very happy to have Shawn, of course his cousin Nascar Sprint Cup driver David Reutimann has helped us with this event attending the 2nd Annual event and sending items each year to help with auctions and raffles. We are glad to have Shawn join us"stated Bristol.

" I am pleased that Shawn will be coming to help us with the event, the rich history of the Reutimann family in Florida racing and beyond is something we are happy to have be a part of this event as we continue to build it and go forward. When Rick asked me for my approval, it was an easy decision for me. I am really looking forward to this years event, I know that Rick is working hard to make it the biggest to date and I am going to help all I can to help with that" added Joey Coulter.

Shawn Reutimann added this statement. " Rick and his foundation helped a good friend of mine Matt Watts and his family last year and that meant a lot to me. So it was an easy yes for me to volunteer my time for this race. It is always good to see racers giving back and to have Joey Coulter helping with this means a lot to everyone. It will help to keep this event growing each year".

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