Citrus is racer friendly.

I would like to personally thank Critter, and all his staff, and everybody that worked to dry the race track.

Incase the story isn’t known, It rained at Citrus at 7:30 and didn’t stop until about 8:15. At that point they called for any vehicles that could be used to dry the track to come on out. With the help of several personal vehicle’s, 2 push blower’s, and then about 20 racecars they had the track dry and ready to run a race at 9:15. This was above and beyond, for everybody involved to pitch in and help, I haven’t seen this in a long, long time.

Again thanks to Critter and staff and volunteer’s for your vehicles, Citrus has amazing people running that place.

Patrick Thomas 25

Congrats on the win Patrick. Racer friendly? Maybe that’s why they have the highest car counts in the state. Hmmmmm.:aetsch013:


I had my car in the trailor and ready for the highway. Critter personally told me that if its possible we will race and with a little luck and lots of will power we did just that. The mods went past curfew but he still got our 40 lap feature in. Unfortunately the figure 8’s werent as lucky. Thanks CITRUS…

Patrick you car looked good…cut in the center and power off…congrats on the win…

all agreed!

Citrus is one of the best race tracks in the state of Florida. People up there awe awesome. Keep up the great job Critter and the rest of the staff at Cirtus.
Carol Wicks
I feel the same about Punta Gorda Speedway.

Carol, ya just can’t help yourself… for every compliment you throw out, ya gotta plug PGS while you’re at it…!!!

I saw it coming before I got to the bottom line…

And i love her for it…
True to her track…
Soi have been trying to travel around some and Criter and King John have been the best host so far.
My closest track is Bronson but havent been yet.



PGS has been so good to me and the kids. I will always support the track… I will always let them know I appreciate them. :wink: dont think theres anything wrong with that. i seldom write on here… and when i do i try to stay positive.


love u 2 Donaldo! HUG