OK Here we go !

Why bother qualifying ??? Sat. at Adale Campi P1…Draws a 9… Webster also fast but draws a 1… They both kicked ass and deserved a W… If I’m Campi I’m not happy… And shouldn’t be…Either start straight up or top 4 or 6 draw but not top 10 TEN !!! Just Sayin !!!:ernaehrung004:

Run heat races, invert the whole freakin’ field. If ya can’t run on the outside, or come from the back with a good/great car…

See the post about the Oxford 250 recently.

couldnt agree more, seeing one of the fastest cars start on the pole, kinda ruined the race!!! they should invert rows, the picking of numbers does not work well…

Well said Jimmy. I wouldn’t invert the whole field but maybe the top 18 of a 24 car field. That way the “so called squirrels” will start in the back and the fast cars still have to pass to win. I’ve been watching some boring racing and it’s just not exciting to see the same person winning all the time and start up front every week. I’m not a fan of drawing numbers, etc. either. I don’t have actual data but some drivers are just plain lucky a lot and will draw a good number and other will draw a poor number consistently. I know the law of averages says that shouldn’t happen but it does. Do away with time trials, race heats and invert. Pay something in cash and points for the heats so they mean something and invert the field based on fastest lap in the heat races. Fastest heat race starts ahead of the second fastest heat, etc.; but the starting lineup is inverted from heat finish. No sandbagging allowed. :slight_smile:

Invert Invert Invert…


I always raced, where they qualified and did a 12 car invert and had a lady or two sitting in tower with stop watchs, you was allowed 2/10 second faster than you qualified and faster and you got black flaged and put to the tale of the field. It seemed to work very good, fast guys had to drive to the front, oh and by the way we ran 30 lap features. We started 12 many times and won our share of features, Late model champion 2000 and 2001. Ran heat races inverted also, payed 30, 25, 20, and 15 dollars and 10, 8, 6, 4 points. Other than the driver and owner I don’t think anybody likes to see the fastest guys starting up front, especially on the pole…

You wusses.

For years…we’d start in the back of a 26-30-car field, and by “in the back”, I mean, from about 24th on back. Pass 'em on the outside, and a top-five run every week, even got quite a few wins coming from the back. And that’s a 25-lap feature full of some of the best competition of the era - LeRoy, Scarborough, Pletcher, Smith, Yoakam, Keene, Dunkin, Coffin, Bowman, and many, many more.

If it’s not a “regular” show (i.e., non-points or a touring-series race), still…run heat races. The fans want the racing - not boring, single-car qualifying. Two or three heat races are much shorter than time-trials anyways. Heats give the racers a chance to see what their machine’ll do in a short run, sort of a “test session” or warm-ups with a set number of laps. Reward the guys that run say, in the top 3 with some $$$.

If it’s a “regular”, points-paying division, start the heats and features with the top point-getters in the back based on a last-four-weeks-raced average. Miss two consecutive weeks, you start at the back behind the fast guys in the heats AND features. It made for some of the best RACING back in the day - and the fast guys HAVE to run to the front if they wanna win it. Slower guys up front MAKES the fast guys have to work for it - and makes the slower guys get better by trying to outrun the guys coming from the back.

I know in Wisconsin years ago (don’t know if they still do), they would bring out the fast qualifier of the night to the frontstretch, and he’d pick a young fan to come out onto the track at intermission. They’d roll a large die - and invert whatever number came up - PLUS TEN. So the minimum they’d invert would be 11 cars.

Why should Campi be upset? Can’t he pass anyone without using the bottom and rootin’ someone up out of the groove?

August 18 at a-dale

Announcment!!! On August 18th Jimmy Mckinley Is going to start last in the Late Model feature at a-dale speedway, and he is gonna show us all how it was done in the old days. He will drive from 24th deep in the field to his first win of the year. He said he could do it in 30 laps, but what the heck well give him 100 laps.

[QUOTE=chevyj31;109609]Announcment!!! On August 18th Jimmy Mckinley Is going to start last in the Late Model feature at a-dale speedway, and he is gonna show us all how it was done in the old days. He will drive from 24th deep in the field to his first win of the year. He said he could do it in 30 laps, but what the heck well give him 100 laps.[/QUOTE]Never said I could do it. Said that “we” (meaning, my dad setting up the car, and our stellar drivers like Childers, Scarborough, Reutimann, Billy Gill, Pletcher, etc.) did it back in the day, when there WERE 25-30 car fields to beat every week - not just these short, 20-car fields (maybe) - for a “special”.

All these kids nowadays just want a win handed to them by “starting up front”. To me, that ain’t “racing” - or even entertainment. They cry and whine about having to start anything worse than about 8th or 10th. They b**** about having to run through “traffic” - if there is any.


OK Jimmy, First I haven’t heard any kids Bitchin… That was just me, a fellow racer and fan talkin and I didn’t see the rootin ur talkin about. The compitition today isn’t like it was in the 70’s. (Pretty sure Dave Pletcher would agree) All I’m saying is there has to be a better way to do a lineup after bustin ass to set fast time…Why bother qualifying if it don’t count ? I was there in the 70’s w/ Bill Ingram… Dave Gleason 07 Legends :ernaehrung004:


Jimbo, i sense you are backpeddling, your f-ing problem is you just want to see a bunch of tore up race cars…period. Since you want to run you f-ing trap, lets have pletcher start last then, and you can set up the f-ing car, I am sure he will go for that…not!!! Jimbo they have a crash and bash night at Desoto two times a year, why dont you just go to that…Dave Plecther is one of the best drivers of all times, and I bet he wont bite on your crazy shit, Oh Dave start last, and show them how you can f-ing drive to the front…omg…in this day and age there is no more starting 24th and coming to the front, 200 laps yes, 300 laps for sure, 35-100 laps no way…stop…stop… the bs…please…Jimbo, get one driver to come on here and say he will win from 24th at adale in 100 lap race…

[QUOTE=LEGENDS RCR;109637]All I’m saying is there has to be a better way to do a lineup after bustin ass to set fast time…Why bother qualifying if it don’t count ? [/QUOTE]…which was my point as well. I know, as a LONG-time race fan (and crew member), I’d much rather watch a coupla heat races, 8-10 laps depending on the division, than 16-20 cars run single-car qualifying. Hell, with today’s technology available and the transponders, why not do like the World of Outlaws Late Models did when I saw them here in Ohio recently? They run three or four cars on the track at any one time for qualifying, give 'em two warm-up laps and then two “hot laps” to qualify and set the heat races. Each car is under its own clock, but there’s three or four out on the track at the same time.

Maybe in Auburndale’s/Campi’s case, “Fast Time” paid out some $$? I don’t know; I’m just guessing there had to be some incentive.

Jimbo, one more time…Back in the day, 10 percent of the drivers had a clue, how to set up a car, most of the parts had to be made from stock parts to get a car to handle well. Same was for engines…The other 90 percent of the racers were “ham and eggers”, they showed up with a car and raced, that’s it!! In todays times, everybody has the same engines, same shocks and springs, and are one phone call away from a set up that will get them in the ball park. All of the drivers you mention, I have seen race, and I agree they were and some still are great drivers. But I just dont know how to beat it into your head, that starting 24th in a 30 lap race and going to the front in late models these days is not going to happen…75 percent of the racers out there today have enough knowledge to get there cars fast…

If you want to invert whole fields these days, within 3 weeks 1/2 the cars would be gone. Maybe you are rich, but I am not, and I could not afford for re-skin my car every week. Please call up some of the drivers you mention, and ask them if they could win from 24 deep in the field in 30 laps, in todays world…I am sorry to say you are 120% wrong on what you are saying…chevyj31

Thats the answer… At least the fast cars would be bunched together. Have a draw for the invert number. Just suggesting not bashing…