355 engine for sale or trade

I have a strong 355 engine for sale or trade. It has forged crank, h-series bearings, vortec rods, flat top pistons, 30 over motor…World product heads, aluminum roller rocker arms, one piece push rods, solid 506 cam, bowtie intake. deep sump oil pan and pick-up tube…Everything on the motor execpt the head castings and intake was BRAND NEW 3 races ago…the motor is minus distributor and carb, the balancer is brand new on the front, the pullies etc. im looking to sale or trade it, It was run in my super street car, class is dwendling down, so the motor needs to go. I can take the heads off or anything like that if you would like to see under the valve cover etc…its ready to drop in and go tonight with your dist…Please call or text 229-349-0272 for any offers or questions… may take rolling chassis cars, trailers, cash and trade…Whatcha got? never hurts to ask. Thanks

One piece or two piece rear main ?

has one piece rear main seal…The same as a crate motor… i also do have a flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch disc for it as well.

What’s the cash price to pick it up now ??

with flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch disc…ill let it go for 1500.00 just to get rid of it, im not gonna be using it…VERY WELL WORTH it

Where is it located ?

sounds like a hell of a deal

I am in Sylvester ga, not to far from the Ga Fl line. Motor runs really good, Whomever gets it will not be disappointed…I do have picture of valve train so you can see how clean it is

TTT will take metric roller for trade or offer me a decent racecar trailer, make offer you never know…this motor needs to be running in a car and not sitting in my shop. i do have pics of bottom end, heads, rocker arms. thanks