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Here We Go Some More Bitching About What A Race Tracks Doing!!!


Turned out to be a great night of racing once it got going!

Hello Everybody:
The racing tonight at Showtime was awesome. :huepfen024: I’ve been going to short track programs since I was a little guy in the early sixties and I can tell you that Showtime is producing some of the best racing I’ve seen in years. The figure-8’s were incomparable and I’ve got the video to back it up. The Sportsman class put on a really nice show for their first time out.
Have a Great Day!!!
The “Creature”

Best admission money spent since Bowman Gray Stadium. This place is ROCKIN’…!!!

When I wind down and regroup my thoughts, there was a lot of great things to share about this night. One word comes to mind… Outstanding…!

two words come to mind for me…“total disorganization”

We hopefully will be rolling in there racing in about 3 weeks. Old school racing at its finest. Reminded me of some great times from the past. That place is special. Racing is alive and well in St Pete.
Awesome show in all the classes. Yoho letting the racers being racers and not throwing a yellow every time a car got sideways. that is racing the way it should be.
Seen more people last night than I have seen at the last 4 weeks of racing at other places put together.

Got to Sunshine about 12:00PM and stayed til 1:00AM Sunday.

Cons. I saw:
Hated the loud music before the racing, heard the complaints about short - non - infomative answers to pertinent questions of management. Restrooms were much too small, a vast array of junk laying around, food service too slow and expensive. 30.00 to get in the pits. Safety of spectators in turn 1 is very bad. Seating issues. A very poor announcer(down talking and opinions are not necessary), but had some good points too.

Pros. I saw:
The racing was really great! They handled wrecks and fights very well. It all went really smooth while racing. Car count was super. Fans had a really good time and so did the racers. Most of the help were obliging and very courteous.

There should be a growth from this point if all is done correctly, or a great drop. This is up to owner manager. Maybe a really good manager could fix some of the negatives and advance some of the positives.