First visit Sunshine

These are my observations. Others may have seen different.

Got to Sunshine about 12:00PM and stayed til 1:00AM Sunday.

Cons. I saw:
Hated the loud music before the racing, heard the complaints about short - non - infomative answers to pertinent questions of management. Restrooms were much too small, a vast array of junk laying around, food service too slow and expensive. 30.00 to get in the pits. Safety of spectators in turn 1 is very bad. Seating issues. A very poor announcer(down talking and opinions are not necessary), but had some good points too.

Pros. I saw:
The racing was really great! They handled wrecks and fights very well. It all went really smooth while racing. Car count was super. Fans had a really good time and so did the racers. Most of the help were obliging and very courteous.

There should be a growth from this point if all is done correctly, or a great drop. This is up to owner manager. Maybe a really good manager could fix some of the negatives and advance some of the positives.

Dave they just opened with nothing to start from no buldings bleachers ect the food was good the anoucer was great and the racing was great if want to see a shithole go to auburndale maybe you can fix there show. Good job showtime

I think they’ve done an excellent job at Showtime Speedway in a very short time. It seems weekly there are new improvements. By the beginning of next season I’ll bet that track will be right up there with the best of Florida. :slight_smile:
Have a Great Day!!!
The “Creature”


We had a great time . Who cares about the little long as their racing things will get better…good job

I agree it was a good show. Hmmm… thought I said that!

I did think the anouncer sucked though.

I am fully aware they just started up. I also think they need to know what to work on.

I’ll say this much… in my 43 years of attending races, this was the first time ever I was stopped before even reaching the parking lot that “if we didn’t already have a band on, don’t bother… we’re full and sold out”.

We had already planned on hanging on the back stretch with the “tailgate” group, but were told we couldn’t get there, even though the ‘new’ rule said “minimum 4 people per vehicle, and the others can walk in from there”… they would NOT let that happen.

More than one way to skin a cat, so we bought pit passes, circled through the drive-in section, grabbed our coolers, and headed right back to where they said we couldn’t get to in the first place. And… had a BLAST.

If your gonna have problems at a racetrack, then figuring out a polite way to send people home, is a great problem to have.

I’ve been around enough to figure a “plan-B” into things, but I’m betting hundreds, if not 1000 people never got in the gates in the first place.

This is a problem that NO Promoter I’ve ever dealt with had to face… TOO many people.

Making these first couple of lease payments shouldn’t be ANY problem at all for Yoho.

My Opinion

The first few races at Showtime were rough. The 4th had me fired up due to the bad communication between staff, Robert Yoho’s attitude toward the drivers and people asking questions, bad organization, place wasn’t finished… I could just keep listing. But here we are a month later, the track is KICKIN! I have taken into consideration what they are struggling and dealing with and I am overall satisfied with the improvements they have made. I still think more could be made, but considering our time frame- They’re doin alright. It warms my heart to know this track is being raced on again… Can’t wait to race there!

I’ve known Robert Yoho since my days announcing at Sunshine and nobody has more passion for the sport than he does… He is a very unique character but you have to be in a different world and half nuts to promote a racetrack LOL… Just look at guys like Sam Nunis, Ed Otto, Hugh Deery, Earl Baltes et al who were all unique individuals who had one thing in common - a real passion for what they did… Give Robert time, it’s not like he’s been a promoter all his life… He’s learning “on the run” so to speak. I wish the place was closer and I had better transportation because I’d be there to support him every week…