Why was JJ Yeley in the 10 car?

Reut isn’t saying anything on his fb page, did he get canned? I don’t get it.

Didn’t watch the race, was JJ a start and park car today?

All I could find on Jayski:

“nothing official has been announced but J.J. Yeley is driving the #10 Chevy at Indy. Daivd Reutimann was originally entered, but that changed.”

Doesn’t say why it changed, or what happened with David.

From David’s FaceBook:

“David will not be in the #10 car this week, but will be at Pocono next weekend in the #10. That’s all that can be said at this time.”

Did he have a falling-out with Tommy Baldwin or something? I’d be interested to know.

David’s got the talent behind the wheel. But, ever since he went big-time racing, it seems like he gets these “crap” rides :-/ I wouldn’t even consider the MWR ride (even all the way back to the Trucks) a “top” ride, and David did more with their cars than even Mikey. He took some junk and attempted to make 'em contenders.

I have been told from close sources that David does not want to start and park so they put J.J. in the car. David will be back in the car.

Yeah, JJ was a start and park. He only ran 20 laps and finished 39th, but made 133,000+. I know David said he’d “never” be a start and park driver, so maybe that was the deal. Trevor Bayne ran all 160 laps, finished 17th, and only made 20,000 more. billy

Yeah it was a start and park but they can’t announce that. So Tommy Baldwin has said, “after today, you guys should be able to figure out what we’re doing if David isn’t driving. We just can’t say it.”
Nascar wonders why fans aren’t interested anymore? I sure wish there was a competing series that could actually draw the best drivers without all the political and commercial restraints Nascar has adopted. I didn’t even watch the race today. I knew David wasn’t racing and didn’t really know why at the time (although I had an idea), so I just wasn’t interested in watching.

Those of you who missed the race used your time far more wisely than those who watched. Another follow the leader one groove race that will be the norm on all tracks larger than Richmond. Does anyone other than me ever wonder why Johnson is frequenly so dominating on aerodynamic tracks? As for Yeley I don,t ever want to see David in a start and park car I agree he is to good for that.If your fabricators are getting bored next year you can hire Logano to give them something to do.

Not a bad deal if you can just get into the race… Spend little money compared to the other teams, use a skeleton crew and still make nearly as much as guys running the whole race that finish around 20th or so… NASCAR could take that money away, but then the teams just wouldn’t show up meaning less than full fields… so you pretty much have a Catch 22 here…
At least it looks like they are going back to the old way of qualifying and abandoning the stupid “Top 35” stuff… Get in on time with 4-5 spots as provisionals for teams really running for points plus the champion’s provisional. Similar to what they used to do and what ARCA does now… Just wish they’d award points for qualifying too…

At least it looks like they are going back to the old way of qualifying and abandoning the stupid “Top 35” stuff… Get in on time with 4-5 spots as provisionals for teams really running for points plus the champion’s provisional. …[/QUOTE]

I try following the local guys but I haven’t watched a race since they started the top 35 BS. It’s nice to see TBR respect Reut enough not to start and park him. Small teams have to put their money where it counts.

Sounds like Nascar is making a step in the right direction but it is still a catch 22 with the big money teams vs the little guy.

David will not start and park !

We announced on our track side show a couple weeks back when we had Shawn Reutimann on the show just before the Storer Memorial race that David would not start and park, the agreement was that David would run 26 races funded to race. That has changed as TBR has run low on funds and so they wanted David to start and park the next 5 races but David did not want to so they got Yeley. David has a couple things in the works for 2013 that he is excited about, cant say more now but watch for info a bit later on in the season if not before.

I’m glad to see he hasn’t caved in, and still has his integrity intact. Nothing but Class with that family. He needs a ride in the 22 next year. billy

Would be cool to see him back in Pennzoil colors, and even cooler if they grabbed the “00” for the sides of it too.

If they get rid of the bullshit ‘top-35’ stuff, then hanging on to, or buying/selling a car number, won’t mean what it has lately. They COULD switch numbers.

It’s total bullshit that Danica was GUARANTEED a start in the Daytona 500, months before the race, just because somebody ponied up the cash to buy the correct NUMBER… not talent, speed, or anything else. Only a ‘transfer’ of points from the previuos season, even though neither driver or owner earned them.

The top of the ladder has a bunch of broken rungs…

I’m a Danica fan and I support Chick-fil-a.