Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Jim Stovall has passed away. Just hours ago.
The owner and fielder of almost 50 years of local, series, and ARCA race cars, that has been around for a long time, has passed. Alot of history with this man.

Always fielded a familiar maroon-----0----- race car. Lot’s of stories behind that famous number, and the designing of it. I remember him well.

The “Louise Special” nameplate, and the famous maroon number ----0---- piloted by the great “MOOSE MYERS” in the midwest racing scene in the 60’s-70’s and early 80’s, and, and more recently took on by his son, and my schoolmate back then, was Scott Stovall.

The famous maroon —0---- has been around forever, it seems, in a mini-stock rear engined volkswagon, a factory stock, a limited-late model, a bad-ass-fast outlaw super late model, a local limited- late model, a dirt car, i think, and an ARCA car, alongside legend that has also passed, Larry Moyer, good buds.

He will be missed.