Open Chip test for all Pro-Trucks this Saturday 10am - 1pm at A-Dale !

Reminder this Saturday from 10-1 p.m. at Auburndale Speedway we will be doing our chip testing. Reminder it will be an open to all Pro-Truck practice $10 per person. We will have a variety of chips to test, we will test alone and vs other chips. We will try to get a good check and a fair one. We will evaluate the results and make a decision on the chips to use or not use and announce next week. Thanks !

Look at history Rick and you will see that chips have never worked. To easy to cheat them up and makes everyone spend more money on other parts. FASCAR trying to go to ing box rule becausethe chip didnt work.
In some peoples case like me a chip would end any chance for us to compeat.The crate engines are out running the built engines already and now a chip will take 1,000 rpm from the small cube ingines.
I see the bobber bouncing in the water dont take the bait. Look around at all the other chip rules and see what going to happen.

Don 62

Thanks Don

I heard you sir. We are testing and we do have a tool that will tell us if the chip is being hit or messed with we are testing. This is not iron clad it is a test. I am committed to trying things to keep the playing field level. If this is not the answer we won’t do it, but we are testing. I do not make knee jerk decisions I will think and pray on the results and info we have and will gather. Thanks for a positive, concerned comment and not a bash. I will consider everything in my decisions.