I’m working on a Street Stock for Showtime Speedway… I want to get some practice before I start racing but can’t really afford the tires they’re running. Anyone got any used ones I could use for practice or know where I can find some? I don’t wanna waste up new ones for practice. And if I practice on radials, will it be a big difference racing on racin tires??

  • Gina


Their street stocks arent running on street tires?

Nope, they’re running on the Hoosier 790 it’s similar to the Comanche they used to run on back at Sunshine. $412 a set… Kinda hard to afford for me having no help & finding sponsors is nearly impossible!

Ocala Speedway Sportsman ran the Comanche tires till 2002. I ran a set the whole season and still had tread. If it’s the same number(790), they are a hard tire and last a long time…

Wow that’s pretty good, but so far Showtime is rough on tires because the asphalt on the track is not meant to be raced on since the State was using it for their toll booth testing deal. I’d estimate 4-5 races they’d be done. I was just hoping to find some used ones to practice on first.

Run youre radials and get seat time.Then when you can afford the hoosiers
you will at least know the right grove around the track. A looonngg time ago
I could only afford right side racing tires and ran streets tires on the left side.
I had a lot of fun and learned alot so when i could afford the tires we did pretty good.
Good Luck

Yeah I got the Firehawks on it that they ran at Citrus I guess I will practice on those until I can afford tires. Is it a lot different onthe racin tires??

And thanks for the good luck! I’m sure I’ll need it lol