NASCAR's Turn 5: New look for 2013 "What WIN's on Sunday sells on Monday"

Redesigned 2013 Car Designs Approved

It’s official: NASCAR’s Cup Series will have a fresh new look for 2013. The sanctioning body officially approved new designs from its four manufacturers Monday, the latest step in a change from the current “Car of Tomorrow” chassis to another next-generation look scheduled to debut in February. The rubber-stamp means teams can officially get to work, making parts and pieces for the new models after aerodynamic tests, held in mid-July fit within NASCAR’s parity standards.

“We commend the manufacturers and our team at the R&D center on all the hard work they’ve put into this new car,” exclaimed NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton. “We believe the new car is going to be a milestone opportunity for our sport, one that our fans will embrace.”

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The changes to these models are aesthetic as well as engineering-based, designed to look more like the cars fans drive out on the street each day. As far as branding is concerned, Chevrolet will switch to its SS model for 2013, while Dodge will race the Charger. Ford will stick with its Fusion model while Toyota will also continue to race its Camry.

Also the Camero is “BADASS” for the Nationwide Series.

I think NASCAR is working hard on getting back the FANS.
What’s your 2 cents???

In part I agree with you. Beyond that my concern lies with NASCARS inability to adjust their rules in a way that will again facilitate side by side racing on tracks a mile or more in length. Daytona and Talladega are an exception but they keep screwing with things trying to avoid “the big one” or breaking up the love bug type of drafting. In other words they have relegated the driver to hold on and steer roll as the rules will determine what your car can do. The driver and builders have been given secondary role in racing.

Get rid of the computers and go back to old style driver-mechanic-crew chief “seat of the pants” racing…

[B][I]1st: air has to get under the car. All the way around bodywork should clear the ground at least 4 inches WHILE on track at racing speed.

2nd: Air speed cannot put as much downforce on rear of car, so cut the spoiler height in half, or its angle.

3rd: Bring tires that goes away after X amount of laps, so drivers will have to take care of them. This will separate the group between the real drivers and the rest.

4th: The chase if it has to stay: in order to qualify for the chase, there will be no minimum or maximum drivers selected. In order to be in the chase, you have to win a race. Only race winners of the running season will be in the chase. This will make them race. No more ‘‘good point days’’.

This would not cure the sport, but definitely ease the pain.

As far as new body style, I do not think it really matter as far as race fan count if racing is only so so. If racing is outstanding, bodywork will not matter as much, if at all.[/I][/B]

Aerodynamics and tire technology have all but killed asphalt racing. New tires are a MUST every race night out (headline classes mainly), or you can’t be competitive… and heaven help you if you ding up a fender. You’ll be toast soon enough.

Your right.

We started the FAST Late Models way back in 2007 I think. We got 600 Goodyear Hooter Cup Tires they was 8 or 9 yeasr old then (HARD as a rock). They were 80 or 90 hardness. They would last for 5 or 6 races. This made for a level playing field (paid $2000.00 to win and $200.00 to start I think). Oh yeah that was when we had the sealed crate engines (before the engine shops fixed the problem of a level playing field). GREAT while it lasted.
How much is a Late Model slick now???