Help needed please!!

My name is Jason Brown. I with the help of many others from the Florida based racing group the Po Boy Mafia are putting together a benefit for the family of Tyler Morr who we all lost earlier this year. This event will take place Sunday September 2,2012 at the Marion County Speedway in Ocala,Fl at 2 p.m. I am trying to contact his family and through many tries to get contact info I have not been able too. If anyone knows how I can get in contact with his please message me or call me at 352-203-7269. The event is a covered dish affair. 7.00 per adult to get in and kids are free. There will be rides for the kids as a few of the drivers are going to bring there cars to give the kids rides. There will be a dunk tank in which NFS owner Phil will be sitting in as well as BRP announcer Joe Dirt. There will also be a pie in the face event that a couple of people to be announced have agreed to sit in on. There will be a couple of items that will be raffled off as well. All the proceeds from the days events will be donated to the family. I encourage all who can to attend this event as we remember a young man who left this earth to early. Thank You.

I applaud

your efforts. You are good people…


Thank you. Please, if anyone knows how to contact Tyler’s family or friends please let me know.

Count me in on this too. Let me know what I can do…