Lindberg Howard Passes

Another one of our great old Central Florida racers has passed… Charles Lindberg Howard of Okahumpka left us this past weekend at the age of 84. He raced around the area for close to 30 years using the name Lindberg Howard and his number was usually 51… Watched him at the old Orlando Raceway back in the 60s but he did most of his racing on the dirt at Ocala and Volusia… may have ran at Citrus some too…
I have some pictures of him on my site but for some reason, it’s not working at the moment… Maybe I can post some later.

Sad to hear, My dad was a fan of his, always pulled for him at Volusia. Thoughts and Prayers to the family.

I remember seeing him at Eau Gallie speedway on numerous occasions. While not a regular he did show up several times a year. I don,t know why but I think he was running out of Leesburg at the time.{57-60} I remember his car as being black with white numbers. He was quite freindly to the fans in the pits and I don,t remember him as being in any squabbles. RIP Lindberg.

Lindberg Howard Passes

I well remember Howard’s familiar No. 51 coupe at Orlando Raceway and on occasion at Eau Gallie in the late 50s. The numbers on the car were in the style of numbers on a one and five dollar bill back in the day. Another of the old guard has left us. RIP Lindberg.

He sure did make that ford fairlane go. I watched him many times in early 70’s at Volusia