Joey Coulter WINS first NASCAR Race!!!!

Last years NASCAR’s Camping World Rookie of the year WIN’s his first NASCAR RACE!!! Congrats to Joey and the whole Coutler Family. Ross Chastain did a GREAT job finishing 10th. He ran as high 8th. FAST KIDS kicked ass TODAY!!!

Sorry Chris.

Chris Fontain finished 18th. They work very hard and finish well for the amount of money behind them.


“They work very hard and finish well for the amount of money behind them.”

So…how would you rate their finish compared to all the money that finished…oh…say, AHEAD of them?

Or better yet…how would you rate their finish based on the amount of money that THEY’VE spent racing trucks?

I’m pretty sure it matches or exceeds plenty of the teams that finished both ahead AND behind them.

Or the 10th place finishing team, even…

Or, hell, even the winning team for that matter…

I guess what you’re saying, Bob, is that MONEY is the deciding factor for what decides the finishing order for NASTYCAR (and Truck) racing.

Is that it?

Yep…dey’s surely kickin’ dat ass.

I would say equipment and resources are 80% of getting a win in the truck series. It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are if you are under powered in that series. Almost every track other than short tracks you are wide open on the throttle the whole time. A driver can only make up so much Good example was denny hamlin in that race. The 18 truck has been off all year and he still couldn’t win in it at his favorite track