winged sprints return to Showtime this week

Winged sprint cars make their second appearence this week at Showtime Speedway! Here is a shot from July 14, it was the traditional “4 wide” salute to the fans.

KEWL!! Good luck my friend…:huepfen024:

After watching the video of the truck on fire last week and their so called “safety crew” eventually respond has anyone thought about asking Showtime to be a little bit prepared for an alky fire? I doubt a guy in a tank top who doesn’t know how to use an extinguisher is going to help you get out of a fire. Florida racing doesn’t need a Doug Wolfgang situation.

Luke… you nailed this one. Alky has it’s own tendencies and different chemicals to put it out. Does tank-top guy even KNOW that alcohol burns invisible? That his extinguisher may actually cause MORE problems by not extinguishing, but just moving more fuel around?

I once helped an upside down Sprint car racer, who was completely dazed, upside down, and Alky pouring all over everything, including him. I was scared to death, knowing 1 spark could burn all of us… and nobody would SEE it, just feeling ourselves burning.

Even with the best equipment and trained people, it can be scary. The Boneman and I witnessed a crash at USA with the Silver Crown cars (called PRA that year), where we both were pretty sure we were watching John Heidenreich burn alive. It was SCARY.

This is a VERY serious issue that should be addressed ASAP. I hope no driver has his life hanging on the efforts of tank-top guy and his incorrect extinguisher.

I hesitated to even mention it because I don’t want to rain on the Showtime parade because there’s so much good for the racing community going on there. But it’s an issue that I hope Yoho will take very seriously and get resolved now that he’s got a things moving. As far as I can tell they have no way to rescue a racer from a bad situation, which is the last thing we need!

Luke81, don’t hesitate. That is an excellent question to ask in advance of a problem. There is plenty of discussion about the best ways to fight a methanol fire, and it comes from sources that know a bunch more about it than I do.

Water is very effective against methanol because it instantly dilutes it (unlike it would do to gasoline). There are situations like a burning container where foam or CO2 is better.

I hope someone with experience can give some guidance to the Showtime crew.

This is serious!

I am so glad this was brought up… I have seen what happens when a fire erupts in a sprint car… better yet… havent seen… the fire IS invisible and requires an experienced safety crew. I have faith in Bobby Yoho. If he has read this then I am willing to bet he is already on it…
However, I left a message with Craig Clarke for advice. Craig is about the best safety man in short track racing… I pray with all my heart that someone takes care of this problem BEFORE the sprints race. It would be horrifying if an inexperienced person had to deal with this. Dangerous for him as well as the driver. Thank you for bringing this up… it is vital…
Carol Wicks

All I see is Sprint cars racing. No mention of TBARA or any other group name. If Showtime is doing this on their own, then they need to be ready for this type of fire, or any type of fire. However, if its TBARA or any other group then sure they not have their own people trained and fire fighting equipment that is needed?

Good point Darren

I think the tracks should all still have their safety crews fully trained in all types of emergencies. Especially fires… thats one hell of a horrid way to live or die…

TBARA brought there own fire crew when i was at the tracks. The crew they had were great.
I have put out many spring car fires and you must be prepaired. In the past TBARA officals and push trucks have been great and on the spot.
Did they not come to showtime or what is going on??